Girls Swimwear

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Finding the right swimwear for girls is often difficult. They tend to fall into three different categories: the pre-teens who just want something pretty, the early teens who want to look good, but are conscientious of their changing body shape and the mid-teens who want to look spectacular.

Simply Beach understands exactly, which is why we have selected our range carefully to suit all needs; even if there is still a little puppy fat showing. With our girls swimwear ranging from ages one to fourteen, there is the perfect costume for all. The pre-teens have a very pretty selection of one-pieces's and bikinis. With lots of frills, beautiful pastel shades of pink and blue, even matching hats, your little girl will feel very special.

The early teen years can be difficult, but our swimsuits are designed to make any teenager feel confident. The roller girl style is ideal as it can be low or high cut and with beautiful detail around the chest area, will inspire confidence in the most conscientious of young ladies.

For those girls in their mid-teens, wearing the right swimsuit takes on a whole new meaning, as they are starting to discover themselves as women. Our range of stunning swimwear will enable them to show off with style. They can choose from a one piece, perhaps a cut out, revealing a shapely waist, or a bikini. Whatever the choice, they are all feminine and trendy. Some can be combined with a matching hat and bag.

Simply Beach have chosen lovely colours for their girls swimwear, the difficult part is choosing which one your daughter would prefer. There ares pinks, turquoise, lemons, polka dots and even a stunning cherry red

By far the best solution is to sit down with your daughter and let her choose, because whichever she decides on - you will burst with pride when you see her wearing it.