Body Shapes

Looking for swimwear, but not sure what will suit your shape?

Everyone falls roughly into six shape categories which Simply Beach have put together below to help you choose Swimwear that will be both flattering and stylish for you.

No matter what shape you are we have Swimwear that will suit you, there are also helpful tips on how to show off your better bits (or hide your problem areas) which will help you to feel confident by the pool or on the beach this summer.

Big Bust

Big Bust

Women with a larger bust needs swimwear with good support, which will give a great shape. Click here to see beachwear with bust support.

We would recommend going for swimwear that is specifically designed for bigger busts, with underwired or a shelf bra. This extra support will ensure a better fit and more comfort. Click here to see DD+ swimwear.

When choosing swimwear, colour is an important factor, bright colourful fabrics can make you look youthful and vibrant.

If you wish to show off your curves then a bikini with a halter neck is the way to go. A neck band and supportive cups will help you show off your best bits. Click here to see bikinis with halter necks.

Small Bust

Small Bust

If you are fortunate enough to have a small bust then halter necks and tri bikinis are certainly the most flattering swimwear for you. The halter neck will flatter you by drawing the eye up and adds an illusion of a larger bust.

Having adjustable straps, whatever the style will help you to ensure a good fit and with the correct cups you can be assured the correct amount of lift a small bust needs.

If you wish to enhance the size of your bust, you should consider a bust enhancing bikini. These tops either have padding or push in the right places.

To further boost the look of your bust we recommend wearing a brighter colour top and a darker colour bottom which draws the eye to the bust away from the bottom. Or get a top with horizontal stripes or polka dots which makes your bust look fuller.



If you have hips and bust that are the same size but with a small waist then you fall into the hourglass category. When picking swimwear you are lucky because almost all styles will fit and suit you.

Showing off your defined waist is an easy thing to do, pick a bikini over a tankini or swimsuit as it will show off your waist using your hourglass figure to the best effect.

Wearing a matching bikini, in either a matching colour or pattern is best to keep your hips and bust ratio equal. Seafolly do a great range of matching beachwear.

If you are a slim woman you will be able to get away with wearing tie side bikinis and bottoms or narrow straps which will show you off best. If you are more voluptuous try and stick to standard bikini bottoms which will flatter you perfectly.

Long Torso

Long Torso

With a long torso getting a one piece swimsuit can be tricky, firstly there is the issue of getting one long enough to fit in the body and secondly having a solid block of colour on the torso actually adds to the height, making you look taller than you already are.

We therefore recommend steering away from a one piece and either going for a bikini or a tankini. Which work better as the break of colour from the tops and bottoms distracts the eye.

If you wish to make your longer torso appear smaller go with a high cut bottom, this will make the legs appear longer and your waist shorter.

Avoid bikinis with boyleg bottoms as this will make your legs appear shorter and you will appear more out of proportion.



If you have hips that are larger than your bust and shoulders then you are a pear shape. You need to wear swim wear that will balance you out. You need to reduce your hips and bottom whilst adding some volume up top.

To help you do this, we would recommend going for a high cut pant, this will help by giving you the illusion of having longer legs. This will help you make the most of your pear shape.

Like with a small bust, pairing a bright or patterned top with a darker pant will balance your proportions out as it boosts your bust and shrinks your thighs. You could also consider a padded bikini top.

Avoid covering up your bottom half with a larger pant or boy short, as more fabric just shows that there is more to cover.



If you have slim arms and legs and most of your weight is carried on your waist then you are the classic apple shape. It is easy to find swimwear to flatter your figure.

To show off your best bits, your slim legs go for bottoms that are cut high or tie sides which will help give the illusion of longer legs.

Tankinis were made for the apple shape, covering the tummy perfectly. However make sure it meets the pant. Leaving a gap there will only ensure people look at that which you were trying to cover.

A patterned top also breaks up any lines, giving the illusion of a smooth tummy. To further help, you could go for a sculpting suit which presses in the right places to ensure a good look. Miraclesuit do some fantastic sculpting beachwear.