Aguaclara Swimwear

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Aquaclara's swimwear collection is the result of the outstanding fashion sense of Peruvian-born Liliana Villalobos. Liliana has had a penchant for artistic design from a very young age, and she later went on to take a university degee in Art, which helped her hone her skills. The creator of Aquaclara swimwear is passionate about fashion, and this is evident in her swimwear designs.

Every piece in Aquaclara's swimwear collection is full of colour, vitality, and is made with materials of the highest quality. For the designer behind this swimwear brand, women should be able to feel confident and ultra-feminine in a swimming suit too, so all her collections feature veritable fashion masterpieces characterised by excellent tailoring that highlights the female silhouette.

Aquaclara women's swimwear is inspired in the stunning beauty of the natural world. The patterns and designs of these pieces imitate the vivid colours of the Amazon forests, the deep blue waters of the best Brazilian beaches, and the exotic flowers, ethnic motifs, and designs of the indigenous peoples of South America. Nothing is left to chance in Aquaclara's women's swimwear pieces, as they are finished to high standards of quality and adorned with emboroidery, gold, rare stones, exotic beads, sparkling sequins, and silk details. The result: luxurious swimwear pieces that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Aquaclara women's swimwear features a wide range of models, so you are guaranteed to find one that is perfect for you. You can choose between different styles of bikini sets, since Aquaclara's designs include halter, bandeau, or triangle tops; tie-side, hipster, scoop, frilly, and low-rise bottoms; and seductive one-pieces that include sexy monokinis and retro-inspired swimsuits. This season, Aquaclara women's swimwear features colours like jungle green, pearl, and mauve, as well as bold animal print patterns. Whatever your style, you will surely fall in love with Aquaclara's designs.