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Feminine lingerie that fits like a dream. Charnos is a British underwear brand that specialises in lingerie with perfect fit as its main focus. Established in the 1950s, they have built a reputation for designing women's underwear that not only fits beautifully but looks gorgeous and womanly, too. This is a brand you can truly rely on, that continues to move with the times both in terms of technology and fashion. Once you find that perfect fitting bra, you'll be well and truly hooked on Charnos!

Charnos have built their reputation on the perfect fit, but the best thing about their underwear and shapewear is that it is wonderfully feminine too. For women who want to feel supported but look great too, Charnos bras are an obvious choice. When your bra fits properly, it instantly improves your appearance, which in turn works wonders for confidence. Gone are the days when a decent support bra for the fuller bust meant having to wear a frumpy bra in a neutral shade.

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