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Ted Baker's incredible swimwear range is designed to enchant your inner goddess and thrill your inner wild child. With a wide range of beautifully cut swimsuits, one pieces and cover ups there is something to suit not only every figure but every taste. From stunning classic nautical pieces with a crisp military feel to pure vintage glamour and fashionable flashes of neon every taste is accounted for.
This world leading fashion brand pays close attention to detail ensuring that every piece of swimwear is finished to the highest standard using top quality materials to ensure you not only look the best on the beach, but you feel it.

With a well deserved reputation as a menswear designer, Ted Baker has expanded into beachwear and swimwear and now offers some of the best products that are available on the market. Launched originally in Glasgow in 1987 as a shirt maker of some repute, Ted Baker quickly established itself as a brand that has become firmly fixed in the public's imagination that is recognised all over the world, not just the UK.

From the inception of the brand, Ted Baker has held to a very clear focus on quality that has remained to this day. This approach that relies on the designer's attention to detail - coupled with an individual sense of humour - means that everything produced under the brand name has the founder's personality woven into its heart at each stitch. As you would expect from the well respected brand, the approach to marketing the clothing, including the swimwear collections, remains the same as it was from the earliest days.

Today, Ted Baker is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the UK that incorporates clothing and beach wear. Nowadays, the brand is also well known for other collections, too, which include menswear, women's clothing, endurance products, accessories, fragrances, skin wear, shoes, glasses and watches. Nevertheless it is for their excellent range of beach wear that they have most recently attracted the attention of the discerning shopper.

A great example of their brand ethos can be found in their swimsuits which are available in a range of sizes that will suit most women. Not simply a fashion item, their swimsuits are also thoughtfully designed to flatter the figure and to look as good on in the pool as they are when worn on a sun lounger - soaking up a few rays. The high quality of the materials used and the attention to detail in design is also to be found in Ted Baker's bikinis. These are often designed to coordinate with the swimsuit range in complementary tones and patterns. And at the end of the day, what could be better than one of their cover up tunics or dresses to add to the chic designer-look that remains in perfect harmony with the rest of the beachwear available in the range?

Most women find that the one piece and two piece swimsuits that are designed and produced by the brand are extremely flattering for most figures, so it is a beach wear maker that you can trust. From classic nautical looks which have a certain military feel, to something that evokes a more glamorous feel from a bygone era, you can find it within the Ted Baker collection. Even fashionable touches of neon and cute ties can be found so that every woman's beach wear taste is catered for.

Ray Kelvin, who is the managing director of the brand, was awarded a CBE by Her Majesty the Queen in 2011 in recognition of his services to the fashion industry. As such, it is hard to imagine that the brand could come with any more regal a recommendation than that.

Ted Baker Swimwear
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