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A Personal Review of Jamu Mastectomy Swimwear

Here at Simply Beach we have a vast range of swimwear brands but one that has really stood out to us recently is Jamu Australia, who specialise in swimwear for women who have had mastectomy. We were excited about this range in particular as there isn’t much of this kind around and it feels great to offer women something that will really make a difference. We recently wrote a blog post about the range which you can read here. While writing that post we realised that not having had a mastectomy it was difficult to write about the effects of having a mastectomy and what women who have had one look for in a swimsuit. So we contacted two lovely ladies who both had recently tried a swimsuit from our Jamu Australia range to ask them what they thought of them.   Denize, 50, Kent Last summer I was identified as having breast cancer as a result of having an early mammogram and I elected to have a mastectomy with reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately the reconstruction didn't go entirely to plan and I have ended up wearing a prosthesis. It is very early days, and I am still very conscious of wearing a prosthesis and because of this I wasn't looking forward to this summer - the thought of wearing a swimsuit filled me with dread. I spent a great deal of time looking for the right costume when I came across the Jamu range at Simply Beach. As soon as I put the costume on I felt secure and not conscious of my bust, there is so much detail throughout the costume that it helps detract the focus away from this area. You can feel the quality of the costume as you put it on and the support it gives all over is fantastic. The prosthesis pockets hold the prosthesis in very securely and discretely. The purchase of this superb swimsuit is going to help me have a fun and confident summer! Denize tried the Jadida Costume by Jamu.

 finalbodylove -1-2

Jill, 62, Kent Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, I had a mastectomy followed by treatment of radiation. As it was coming up to Summer I tried a few costumes on from a large department store, although they were very nice I never felt  100% secure and kept checking that all was in place whilst swimming. Since then I have had a reduction in my other breast and reconstruction but alas I still need a small prosthesis. I was searching the internet for costumes and came across the Yassine by Jamu.  I was very impressed with the swimsuit as it is of very good quality and a lovely sheen to it, it holds my prosthesis in very securely and hides all my lumps and bumps giving me a good figure and the Hollywood type straps makes me feel like a woman again. Look out beaches (if we get any summer) here I come with 100% confidence!   IMG_1174 It's great to hear that these costumes really do meet the needs and desires of women who have had mastectomy. If you have had one and are looking for a swimsuit which will keep you secure and confident, give the Jamu range a try and see how it makes you feel.    

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