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Coleen Splashes the Cash on Bikinis

Coleen Rooney must have imagined there would be a few snappers out in Dubai when she jetted off for a break there with footballer husband Wayne. Lounging on the swimming pool recliners at the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, the Liverpudlian who is a multi-millionairess in her own right, impressed the paparazzi with a different swimsuit each day. Her husband Wayne's much publicised pay-rise by employers Manchester United will have helped cushion the cost of the various expensive bikinis. Many of the trendy two-piece costumes Coleen has donned will have cost well into three figures. Among the collection was a Missoni number, which she showed off at the beginning of the couple's week in the United Arab Emirates. The relaxing week has become somewhat of a fashion shoot for the mother-of-one. Before the cost of Mrs Rooney's swimwear apparel, the break set the Rooneys back a huge £30,000 for their six days, it has been estimated.

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