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Goa to ban bikinis from adverts

Pictures of bikini clad women could be banned from adverts promoting tourism in Goa in an effort to appeal to people looking for a family holiday. The local government will censor adverts with scantily clad women as the tourist state fights back against its portrayal as a "destination for sex tourism". "Tourism will not be affected if bikini-clad women disappear from the posters," said the president of Travel and Tours Association of Goa (TTAG) Ralf De Souza. "In fact, it may help get good tourists." Chief minister Digamber Kamat said: "We should go for clean tourism. The government will try its level best to ensure that Goa is spared from the scar of bad tourism." Approximately 400,000 foreigners visit Goa every year, along with the two million Indians that travel to the state, but it has been hit by a number of complaints from international visitors about rape and molestation and recent years. Cases such as the rape and murder of Devon teenager Scarlett Keeling in 2008 have hindered the state government's effort to re-establish Goa as a preferred destination of tourists.

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