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The Best Winter Sun Getaways

While it's cold and grey here in the UK, we're spending our days dreaming of the tropical paradises we could be jetting off to. But where are the best places around the globe to catch some winter sun? Here are the sunny spots we've got our eye on this January...






While January may be the coldest month in Mexico, the average temperature is still a balmy 23/24 degrees celsius, with highs of up to 28! Definitely a lot hotter than the weather in the UK right now! For a party atmosphere, we'd head to Cancun for endless white sand beaches and all the clubs and bars you could ever need. For a more chilled out vibe, check out Riviera Maya. It's the perfect place to take in a bit of sightseeing with ancient Mayan ruins aplenty, indulge in a spot of world-class diving or just relax on the beautiful beaches. Seafolly's last campaign video was even shot on the gorgeous shores of Tulum, Mexico, and if it's rated by Seafolly, it's definitely on our must-see list!  







The Maldives is a dream destination all year round, but it's a great option for a Winter sun getaway because the average temperature stays at 27 degrees celsius even in January, with the one of the lowest monthly average rainfalls of the whole year. Essentially it's the perfect exotic destination at this time of year. This group of islands with it's crystal clear seas and pristine white beaches are ideal to physically get away from everything and completely chill out in paradise. Those private beach huts over the ocean just look like our idea of heaven!  







Miami may not be the hottest of our picks, with average temperatures of 20 degree celsius, and highs of 23, but it's definitely worth a look for a beach getaway with so much more than just the beach. Famous for its nightlife and vibrant cultural scene, Miami is perfect to spend sunny days strolling the streets through the beautiful Art Deco architecture, and cool evenings sipping cocktails by the world-renowned South Beach. The sunshine state definitely doesn't disappoint with this destination. 




St Lucia



Most of the Caribbean islands are a top choice for a Winter sun trip but we're opting for the luscious island of St Lucia. With average temperatures of 26 degrees celsius, highs of 29, and relatively low average monthly rainfall compared to the rest of the year, St Lucia is an island paradise that needs to be on your bucket list. Framed by the incredible Pitons peaks, this island is probably one of the prettiest in the Caribbean. Particularly attractive to couples and newlyweds, St Lucia has so much to see and do whether you prefer to relax in a luxury spa resort or you'd rather have a zip-line adventure in the trees.







When the UK is in the dead of Winter, Australia is experiencing Summer, so clearly it's one of the perfect places to get away to at this time of year. While it may be a bit further afield, it's definitely a place to consider because of the wide breadth of things you can see and do. One of the top places we want to highlight is the Whitsundays islands. A lush rainforest area surrounded by bright white beaches and colourful coral filled seas, if you want a beautiful beach getaway, this place is for you. Catch a plane to see the area from above, or experience the waters with a boat trip or dive in for yourself with a spot of snorkelling. The sheer beauty of this place is why we've added it to our must-see list. And you can even round off your trip with a visit to bustling Sydney or the famous natural wonder, Ayers Rock.  





Are you off anywhere this Winter? Or has this post made you head straight to the travel agents?