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Will Your Dream Beach Holiday Be Ruined By The Gulf Oil Spill?

If you've got your bikini packed and you're ready for a holiday of fun in the sun in the Gulf coast or the Caribbean, you may be in for quite a shock. The catastrophic oil spill has caused plenty of damage already, but it's the beaches that are the next victim. To find out more on how the oil crisis could affect your holiday fun read on... It's a fair bet that you've already heard about the horrific oil spill in the Gulf Coast, and how much damage the spill is doing to the wildlife, but most folks are unaware of just how much the spill is affecting the coastline and beaches. It's thought that many holiday makers who are heading off to Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and surrounding areas may be in for quite the surprise. The problem is, the oil has forced many beaches to close as they are currently unfit for sun lounging and swimming. So you're beach and bikini holiday may not be all it's cracked up to be. It is thought that the spill may have an affect on tourism in these areas and many holiday makers are heading elsewhere to avoid disappointment. And some have decided to cancel their trips altogether. Even if you do manage to find a beach that is open, it's not a great idea to spend too much time in the water. Not only could the oil ruin your favourite swimwear, but it can be extremely dangerous for you health. If you're packed and ready to go away, and you don't want the oil spill to ruin your holiday, then why not spend some time around the pool. You'll still be able to wear your new bikinis, but at least you know that you'll be safe in water. Because of the tides, the amount of oil keeps changing, and more and more beaches are being affected. Where some will only have small amounts of spillage, others are being overrun with oil and tar balls, as well as strong odours and fumes. The clean up crews are working around the clock, and many of the beaches and coastal areas have already been cleaned, but there is still a long way to go. Remember, if you see a double red flag on your beach, then you cannot enter the water. Many of the beaches are still open to the public for sunbathing, but be sure to check before you head out for the day, otherwise you won't get a change to test out your new swimwear.

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