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Bad hair day is far from the only reason you might want to consider wearing a hat at the beach! It will protect your face and shoulders from the scorching rays of the sun, and it will also make you stand out because nothing screams "class" and "style" louder than a well chosen beach hat. Of course, when it comes to style, Simply Beach is your best friend. We carry a large and varied collection of hats which range from retro to haute couture. Our collection of affordable designer pieces is in constant flux as we catch the spirit and trend of each season for you to explore and enjoy.

Ladies' hats have been the subject of complicated etiquette which is responsible for the waste of gallons of ink and lorry-loads of paper. Simply Beach does away with all of that and makes only one rule: your beach comfort and look are all that matters! To provide you with a perfect match to your preferred swimwear and other accessories, we work with a growing list of brands and designers, leaving no trend unnoticed. The models in our catalogue are bound to please you with their variety and unique cut. Take the beach by storm with a straw cowboy hat or keep it sporty with just a visor in yummy fresh colours. Rub shoulders with royalty and don a frilly oversized periphery which will protect your shoulders and turn many a head as you walk down the dunes. You dream it - we have it!

Simply Beach provides you with the most comprehensive experience when it comes to beach attire, and our hats are no exception. Our catalogue allows you to mix and match your hat with the rest of your beach attire and create tasteful dissonances and new combinations. We supply the best luxury and designer looks, and you make them your own with confidence, imagination, and style!

Beach Hats
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