Beach Summer Dresses

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When we say "beach", you are thinking "bikinis" and "sunglasses". Simply Beach goes one step further and adds "summer dresses" to this little Top Three, and boy do we love them! There are very few things which evoke summer fun as quickly as a colourful and light garment which is equally at home in the sun and under the delicate lighting of a beach bar. Simply Beach's wide collection of summer dresses is your go-to source of infinite fashion inspiration. They will complement your designer bikini and your uber-cool shades with style and ease. Take a peek inside the department and prepare to be amazed!

Simply Beach knows how versatile and dynamic every summer day - nay, hour! - can be. This is why we keep a rich and varied roster of summer dresses in full-blooded and juicy colours and intriguing patterns. Our list of brands and designers changes constantly to accommodate the latest trends and hot picks. From here on in, it is all up to you and your fantasy. Pick a fun stripe dress for your sightseeing trip along the coast, take a loud pink-pop tube to the beach, or slip into the summer version of a little black dress and get your charm on at the hot night club. Better yet, turn all of these around: Simply Beach's selected summer dresses lend themselves to your imagination. They take every character and nuance you feed into them with some thoughtful accessories and jewellery to your taste. Your summer - your dress!

Summer is the season of carefree fun and freedom, and this is what Simply Beach believes in when it comes to our dresses: the season's uniform. Our collection features every design that is "in" and every size which complements your physique and brings out the best of you, on and off the beach alike. Variety and style are our promise to you. You bring the rest!

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