Beach Sarongs and Pareos

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Marilyn Monroe once said that what you do not show is much sexier. Simply Beach is happy to indulge the wisdom of one of the sexiest women in human history and brings you a wide selection of beautiful sarongs and pareos. You can use them to cover up at the beach or by the poolside and retain that magical bit of mystery which will impress and allure. We know how to bring the most out of your beach time and make you comfortable as well as pleasure for the eyes. When you partner with Simply Beach, your summer time will be pretty!

Sarongs and pareos have become a steeple in women's beachwear, and rightfully so. A well chosen accessory like that ties your whole outfit together seamlessly and can make a completely irresistible summer package. Simply Beach works with the best designers and producers to bring you an ever growing array of exotic beach scarves. We keep up to date with the "in" colours and trends each season, and our collections always reflect the most desirable patterns and designs. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or strolling in the golden sands of a beach, the gentle caress of a pareo in the summer breeze will feel amazing on your skin. Not to mention how attractive you will be as bright colours and sensual patterns dance around your body!

Apart from their zephyr-like beauty and lightness, pareos and sarongs are remarkably comfortable and practical beach accessories, too. They help protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and greatly enhance your silhouette. Our products come in all shapes and sizes, so pick the right one for you from our online store and make it count. Use one of the many guides to tying the perfect knot in the right place and strut your summer stuff with confidence and charm. Simply Beach is here to bring some of that carefree goodness into your summer!

Beach Sarongs and Pareos
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