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Stylish and sophisticated , timeless yet modern best sums up the JETS by Jessika Allen swimwear collection. This luxury swimwear brand produces swimsuits and bikinis that are evocative of a bygone era and given a modern twist. JETS swimwear has been well loved in its home country for almost 30 years and women the world over have enjoyed the exceptional designs when Jessika Allen came on board in 2001. These stunning creations draw inspiration from summers past, adding fine detail to produce classic, high quality swimwear.

JETS by Jessika Allen swimwear brings to mind super-stylish pool parties and lounging on exotic beaches and the exclusive swimsuits and bikinis are carefully designed to compliment your body shape.

Jessika Allen bikinis and swimsuits are beautifully designed and offer something to flatter all body shapes. Classic striped bikinis are finished with the subtle detailing such as large eyelets and loops; the finer details that makes JETS by Jessika Allen swimwear so special.

The bikinis and swimsuits in the Jessika Allen swimwear collections are made using high quality craftsmanship, earning them reputation internationally as a premium swimwear brand. Jessika Allen has designed for JETS a swimwear collection that perfectly enhances a woman's natural shape, so you can feel comfortable and confident on the beach. It's effortlessly glamorous and luxurious, drawing inspiration not only from vintage summers from the '50s to the '90s, but from different cultures around the world, from striped European chic to exotic tropical rainforest prints.

The wonderful thing that sets Jessika Allen swimwear apart is the perfect fusion between retro and luxury high fashion. The retro-inspired swimwear pieces are brought straight into the 21st century with modern trims and finishes. JETS by Jessika Allen swimsuits are made with exquisite attention to detail, giving you a feeling of luxurious elegance on the beach or by the pool. No matter what your personal tastes in swimwear are, the JETS by Jessika Allen collection has something to suit you. JETS swimwear is for women who appreciate stylish bikinis and swimsuits that will flatter and enhance whilst looking the height of sophistication.

We're delighted to bring you the JETS by Jessika Allen bikini and swimsuit collection. If you're looking for high quality luxury swimwear look to this fabulous designer range. As is to be expected with such a prestigious designer, Jessika Allen uses fine fabrics to ensure you not only look amazing on the beach but you feel great, too, which is just so important when it comes to swimwear. The classics are taken care of, as are the more trend-focused lines, so whatever you're looking for, from a stylishly chic black halter neck bikini to a fashion-forward yet sophisticated ruffle trim swimsuit, look to JETS by Jessika Allen; swimwear for grown up women who appreciate exquisite design.

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JETS Swimwear
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