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10 Must Haves for a Toddlers Day at the Beach

The thought of being ultra-organised for a day trip to the beach may not be your idea of fun, however, if you're well prepared then you'll be able to enjoy the day more and relax with your toddler knowing they have everything they need for a safe, fun day. Sunblock This may sound like a obvious one, but pack a waterproof sunblock that at least has a 30 SPF. Look for trusted labels that have a UVA and UVB protection. Always remember to re-apply, especially if they have been in the sea. Swim Nappies & Wipes Swim nappies are a must for the beach. Disposable swimming nappies are great because they can be thrown away and are very convenient for the beach. Don't forget the baby wipes, not only are the great for cleaning tots bottoms, but they're great for cleaning messy hand and faces after lunch or playing in the sand! Beach Cover-Ups T-Shirts and Sun Hats with a SPF 50 factor are highly recommended by paediatricians because they continue to block the sun's rays. Even when they're wet they will block the sun, unlike some creams and blocks which can wash off and need to be re-applied. Plastic Bags Not a necessity, but come in very handy. They can be used to store opened snacks and food that you don't want sand or bugs to land on. They will also come in handy to dispose dirty nappies in. Talcum Powder Relieves sweaty and sticky body parts when applied and if you shake some on yours or your child's hands before eating it will help to get rid of the sand. Snacks Both you and your little one will work up an appetite running around on the sand and splashing about in the sea, so make sure you take some easy to eat snacks with you that you will both enjoy. Beach Toys Toddlers love the sand; they'll happily sit and play in it for ages. You don't have to spend loads on getting lots of toys, you're the one that will have to lug them too and fro. Just make sure you have the classics like a bucket and spade and they will love it! Towels Make sure you have enough towels, one each. Having to share wet and sandy towels isn't fun. Beach Bag When choosing a beach bag, make sure it's big enough to fit everything in. Look for a bag that is durable, and suited for the outdoors such as cotton or canvas bags. Mesh is popular too as it's useful for storing sandy toys and wet clothes. Extras You may want to consider taking a few extras like a parasol or beach tent to shield the children from the sun, should they need it. Chairs are great for the elder members, or on stony beaches. If your child is potty training, it might be worth getting yourself a travel potty. Don't forget to take a digital camera to capture all the best bits of the day.

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