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Affordable Seychelles on the rise

Tropical holidays on a budget are hard to come by, but Seychelles ticks all the boxes - offering holidaymakers in search of coral reefs and snorkelling a taste of luxury at affordable prices. The Indian Ocean islands are an increasingly popular choice with travellers thanks to their tropical setting, which offers the perfect environment for adventure activities. For those after a quieter life, fishing and bird watching are also popular and can be enjoyed best between April and October, according to Nadine Hallak, of Cheapflights Media. Planning ahead is the key to making a Seychelles holiday the trip of a lifetime, according to Ms Hallak. Arranging flights is easiest for the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, with prices depending on the time of travel, she said. Some 174,529 holidaymakers made the trip to Seychelles last year, according to the country's tourism board.
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