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Best Swimsuit for Apple Shape

On the hunt for the best swimsuit for apple shape? Worry not; we're here to help you navigate the vast number of choices with ease and confidence.

We aim to guide you through a selection of top-end swimsuits that will flatter your apple-shaped figure and make you feel fabulous. We'll delve into the styles, prints, and colours that celebrate your shape, alongside some savvy tips to enhance your swimwear game. 

Let's dive in and find that piece that makes you feel unstoppable.

What this article covers:

Best Swimsuit for Apple Apple Shape Body

Apple shapes typically have broader shoulders, a fuller bust, and a less defined waist, with slimmer hips and legs. The key is to draw attention away from the midsection and accentuate the legs and bust.

Here are some top swimsuit picks that cater to this particular silhouette.

Siciliana Soft Cup Swimsuit

The Siciliana Soft Cup Swimsuit emerges as a standout piece, embodying the elegance and sophistication associated with Maryan Mehlhorn's designs.

This swimsuit is a modern nod to classic aesthetics, featuring a distinctive floral print against a slimming black backdrop.

This swimsuit is beneficial for apple-shaped bodies due to its tank style and soft cups, which provide comfortable support without the need for an underwire. The adjustable straps and mid-scoop back means you can adjust the fit to your liking.

Sous Marine Revele Swimsuit

One of the best swimsuits for large bust, the Sous Marine Revele Swimsuit by Miraclesuit presents an eye-catching bright blue hue and elegant V-neck design. This swimsuit shines in its ability to offer comfort and flattering shaping, thanks to the moulded foam cups with underwire and padded straps.

best swimsuits for apple shape

The wrap detail over the bust adds a touch of sophistication, while the cleverly draped fabric around the tummy area discreetly enhances the silhouette.

The Miratex fabric extends the benefits further by providing all-over body control, supporting, shaping, and slimming in all the right places.

Spring Invite Underwired Swimsuit

The Spring Invite Underwired Swimsuit by Charmline is a bright and fun addition to any swimwear collection, featuring a delightful blue floral print that captures the essence of spring.

Designed with both style and support in mind, this swimsuit boasts underwired moulded cups, particularly beneficial for those with an apple shape looking to enhance their bust area.

The wrap style not only adds a fashionable twist but also helps to define the waist, creating a more balanced silhouette.

Additionally, the light shaping feature gently smooths and contours, offering a subtle yet effective cinching effect that complements the natural curves of an apple-shaped figure.

Ocicat Adora Swimsuit

The Ocicat Adora Swimsuit by Miraclesuit introduces a unique blend of elegance and functionality with its swimdress design, adorned in warm tones and animal print.

This swimdress stands out for its full control feature, promising a flattering fit that Miraclesuit is renowned for, with the brand's claim of making you look lighter in 10 seconds.

The addition of a light skirt with a side slit provides extra coverage, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a modest yet stylish swimwear option.

The soft underwired cups provide ample support without compromising comfort, while the narrow adjustable straps allow for easy adjustment.

best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size

The draped fabric cleverly conceals the tummy area while the Miratex fabric works its magic, slimming the body all over.

Mia Underwired Swimsuit

The Mia Underwired Swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer makes a sophisticated statement with its elegant black textured fabric. The shaped neckline enhances the bust area, providing a flattering look while the underwired cups offer the necessary support, especially beneficial for apple-shaped figures.

The swimsuit features a belt detail at the front waist that, based on our observations, not only adds a fashionable touch but also helps to define the waistline, balancing proportions.

With the inclusion of tummy control (a key feature in the best swimsuits for plus size), this swimsuit smooths where it's needed, making the Mia Underwired Swimsuit a versatile and stylish choice.

Which Prints and Colours Flatter an Apple Shape Body?

Choosing the right prints and colours for an apple-shaped body can significantly enhance the look of your swimming costume, creating a more balanced silhouette and highlighting your best features. Here are some key points to consider.

Darker Shades And Solid Colours

Darker shades and solid colours can have a slimming effect on the apple-shaped body. This remains true when considering the best swimsuit for pear shape. Colours like navy, black, and deep burgundy help to create a more streamlined appearance, drawing attention away from the waist.

Vertical Stripes And Linear Patterns

Our research indicates that vertical stripes and linear patterns elongate the body, making them an excellent choice for apple shapes. These patterns draw the eye up and down, rather than across the body, helping to create the illusion of length and reducing the appearance of width.

best swimsuits for apple shaped bodies

Smaller, Subtler Prints

Smaller, subtle prints can be more flattering than large, bold patterns, which may overwhelm the figure and accentuate areas you'd prefer to downplay. Opt for delicate florals, small geometric shapes, or light, scattered prints to add texture and interest without overpowering your frame.

Bright Colours And Embellishments

Incorporating bright colours and embellishments like ruffles or sequins can draw attention to your assets, such as the bust or legs. Placing these details on areas you want to highlight can balance your proportions and enhance your overall look.

What to Avoid with an Apple Shape

When dressing an apple-shaped body in swimwear, certain styles and features might not offer the most flattering fit. Being mindful of these can help you make choices that enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence.

Here are some key points to consider.

Horizontal Stripes

Our findings show that horizontal stripes can visually widen the body, which might not be desirable for apple shapes, as it can draw attention to the width of the waist and shoulders.

Overly Tight Fabrics

Swimwear that is too tight can accentuate bulges and create unflattering lines, particularly around the waist and bust. It's important to choose swimwear that fits well, offering support without constricting.

Excessive Embellishments Around The Midsection

Ruffles, large bows, and other embellishments around the midsection can add volume to the area, which might not be flattering for apple shapes. It's better to choose swimwear with detailing on the neckline or hem to draw the eye away from the waist.

Swimsuit Tips for the Apple Shape Figure

For apple-shaped figures, finding the right swimsuit involves focusing on designs that enhance your best features while providing support and coverage where you need it most.

Here are some tailored tips to help you choose the perfect swimwear.

best swimsuit for petite apple shape

Embrace Ruching

Ruching can be incredibly flattering for apple shapes. These features help to camouflage the tummy area and create the illusion of a slimmer waist, adding texture and interest to the swimsuit without adding bulk.

Look For Built-In Support

Swimsuits with built-in support features, such as underwired cups or a built-in shelf bra, can provide the necessary lift and support for the bust. This is particularly important for apple shapes, who may have a fuller bust and require extra support to ensure comfort and a flattering fit.

Opt For Flattering Necklines

V-neck and halter neck swimsuits can be very flattering for apple shapes, as they draw the eye upwards and elongate the neck. These necklines can also balance broader shoulders and enhance the bust, creating a more harmonious silhouette.


For those of us with an apple-shaped figure, uncovering the perfect swimsuit can be a delightful experience. Throughout this guide, we've explored a variety of swimsuits that cater to your body shape, ensuring you feel confident.

From the elegance of the Siciliana Soft Cup Swimsuit to the functional beauty of the Mia Underwired Swimsuit, each piece has been carefully selected to enhance and celebrate your silhouette.

We've also navigated through the world of prints and colours, pinpointing those that flatter an apple shape the most, such as darker shades and vertical stripes, and advised on what to steer clear of, like horizontal stripes and overly tight fabrics.

Armed with these tips, you're well-equipped to find swimwear that fits your figure. Explore Simply Beach's curated collection, where you'll find a range of swimwear designed with you in mind.

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