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Colour Of The Year - Classic Blue

Pantone has been naming a colour of the year since the start of the millennium and this year is no different. For over twenty years this has influenced product development and purchasing decisions across multiple industries including fashion. Previous winners of this influential title have included Fuchsia Rose in 2020, Mimosa in 2009, Radiant Orchid in 2014 and last year Living Coral. This year the crown has gone to Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue!



Compared to the 2019 colour of the year Living Coral, this new decade-launching choice may feel a little bit reserved, but amid wider global turbulence it might be just what we need. Classic Blue has long been a universal favourite and these reassuring qualities bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to our otherwise hectic lives. Leatrice Eiseman (Executive Producer of the Pantone Colour Institute) sums it up nicely saying:


'We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on. Imbued with a deep resonance, Classic Blue provides an anchoring foundation.'


The timeless attributes found in Classic Blue are easily transferable to fashion and beach vibes. The calming shades of azure can be found in the waves of an island retreat or between the stars in a clear sky at dusk. There is also a nautical suggestion that accompanies the colour which has featured in our top designer collections year after year and 2020 in no different.


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