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Cyprus : An Island Getaway

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, famous for its beautiful almost all-year round sunny weather, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and enchanting history. It is located to the south of Turkey and east of Greece and is one of the most populous islands in the Mediterranean. If you are planning on visiting this magnificent island nation any time soon, let us help paint an overall picture:


Cypriots are traditionally very welcoming and offer genuine hospitality. The native language is Greek but English is spoken in most shops and hotels. You'll find very kind people, always ready to offer assistance to guests and visitors.


Archaeological Museum In Paphos On Cyprus


There are a wealth of fascinating sights to sample if you're after some history and culture on your trip. One of these is the Tombs of the Kings, which is a necropolis with underground tombs, situated to the north of Kato. The magnificence of this site lies inside the tombs which are carved out of solid rock and believed to have been the burial sites of high ranking officials and aristocrats.The Paphos Archaeological Park site has some of the finest and most unique Roman mosaics found anywhere and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1900. It includes monuments that date before the Middle Ages, with most from the Roman period.


That said, the most impressive part of the park is the mosaic floor of the Roman villas. Monuments in the park include the Odeon, the Asklipieion and the Agora. The Byzantine Art Museum is another must see and is situated within the Makarios Cultural Foundation complex and hosts a large collection of Cyprus’ icons, numbering more than 200, which date from the 5th to 19th centuries. Some of the unique pieces at the museum include the Christ and the Virgin Mary icons, which date back to the 12th century and six Kanakaria Mosaic examples that had been stolen from the Kanakaria Church in Panagia Kanakaria in 1974.


Aphrodite's Legendary Birthplace In Paphos, Cyprus


Once you've seen all the sights there are to see, there is nothing more relaxing than simply switching off your phone and enjoying a warm Turkish bath. That said, some of the best spots for this include the Omeriye Hammam in Nicosia, which has a serene atmosphere, with candles and mirrors adorning the bath area to add to the illusion of space and luxury. If you are looking to enjoy an all round spa experience you can check out the Azia Resort and Spa in Paphos, the Le Meridien Limassol Spa and Resort in Limassol and the Columbia Beach Resort Pissouri in Pissouri. Spending some time on the beach should always be at the top of your list. A good place to start would be the Golden Beach in Nangomi Bay. Its white sand dunes and calm clear sea make it a very enticing spot for those after some peace and quiet. Turtles also nest here as a result of its qualities. Coral Bay, which is located north of Paphos is also has a great beach with picturesque surroundings.


Delicious Salad


Cyprus has various exciting and necessary shopping spots (if you're self-catering) which include MY MALL Limassol, AlphaMega hypermarkets, which are some of the largest and most popular. Lidl Cyprus-one of the largest grocery wholesalers in the country and Metro Supermarkets. Though while in Cyprus, you can enjoy both local and western cuisines when eating out, but the local food is great as it is both fresh and tasty. Most restaurants will serve Cypriot specialties such as pork cooked with coriander; ham fried in halloumi and served in sandwiches, and grilled kebabs among others, with beautiful olive oil being used to cook most dishes.


After a day of exploring the marvels of this beautiful country, a nice place to spend the night is what you need. Some of the best hotels that you can stay at include, the Annabelle Hotel, which overlooks the Port of Pophos, has landscaped gardens and a large swimming pool featuring swim-in caves; the Agapinor Hotel in Paphos, the E-Hotel in Larnaca, and the Ellyssia Hotel in Pedhoulas.


Carnival In Cyprus


Cyprus has numerous popular events such as the Carnival Limassol, which spans from February to March. It is characterised by minstrels masquerading on the streets, lots of feasting and partying. There is also the Bellapais Music Festival, which runs from May to June. It is a festival encompassing both classical and modern music and is attended by renowned musicians from across the globe. 


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