How to Avoid Beach Holiday Stress!
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How to Avoid Beach Holiday Stress!

The whole point of a beach holiday is to unwind, but sometimes the combination of blazing sun, pale skin, gusty breezes, flying sand and the occasional mortifying wardrobe malfunction can make for an uncomfortable time. There are some travel essentials, though, that will make your beach holiday the stress reliever it was planned to be. We've compliled our top 5 beach holiday bugbears and what you can do to stop them. Any we've missed?

1. The Flip Flop Blister

Arrgh. The curse of the brand new flip flop. Once you wear them in a bit, they're fine, but more often than not you have to endure a painful initiation beforehand. They say prevention is better than cure, so the best thing to do if you're taking new flip flops or sandals away with you, is to apply some blister prevention immediately before you wear them. Compeed Anti-Blister Stick is an invisible blister prevention lubricant, so you can apply it even if you're wearing open toe footwear. Don't apply to already blistered feet though, it's a preventative measure. You can buy it at most big chemists and supermarkets.    

2. The Unruly Bikini Label

Let's face it, no-one's going to stop you on the beach and say "excuse me, your labels are sticking up on the back of your bikini bottoms" are they? but next time you're on a beach, count how many unruly swimwear labels you see! Obviously you want to keep the care instructions, so just remove the label and keep it in a safe place until you need it.

3. The Lobster Face

As a rule, we're all getting a bit more savvy about the dangers of sunburn these days, but it's so easy to get caught out, especially if you're exposing your skin to the first strong sun rays of the year. Quite often, we're diligent about covering our bodies but our faces get the most exposure. Aside from a high factor sun lotion, a wide brimmed floppy hat is a beach holiday must-have to keep the rays away. Seafolly do a great range.

4. The Flying Beach Towel

beach towelSandy beaches and gusty winds are not conducive to a relaxing sunbathe, especially when your towel goes flying every time the wind picks up. We came across these simple but genius beach towel clips recently. They come in a set of four and you just stick one side in the sand and clasp the other edge to your towel. Simple!    

5. The Ill-Fitting Swimwear

Life would be a lot simpler if we were all a regular size, but we're not. If you find yourself squeezing  into a bikini top, or struggling with a swimsuit that's too short in the body and digs in, make sure you choose the right swimwear brand to suit you. For instance, if your bust is large or small, get a cup sized bikini and if you take a different size top and bottom, buy separates. We've got a more detailed guides about the best brands to suit your shape here.

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