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How To Host The Best Pool Party

Nothing says summer like an amazing pool party! In the UK, the hot and sunny weekends throughout the summer are limited – to say the least. So when a hot summer’s weekend is forecast we have to dive into these rare opportunities and make the most of them!


To help you be prepped and ready to host the perfect pool party, here’s some top tips to kick things off, guarantee everyone will have an amazing time, and make sure your pool party is the one remembered this summer.



#1 Set the scene

It goes without saying that the pool will be the centre piece of your party so make sure you showcase it! Lay out sun lounges across one side of the pool. Place towels and cushions across each one, and have the inflatables already placed in the pool to encourage people to hop in if they wish.


Think about a colour scheme, how do you want your pool party to look? Also consider some lighting around the pool to keep the atmosphere alive once the sun sets.


Partly shaded areas create a relaxing vibe too, and bean bags are a great accompaniment. Decorate the area with rugs and cushions to really emphasise a chilled atmosphere.


For your guests who like to spend their time away from the main party scene, how about creating a covered area? Slightly enclosed where people can come away from the madness and chill. Consider putting up fairy lights to set a warming atmosphere, light some candles, lay out throws and cushions across the garden furniture. Finally leave out cups, straws, and buckets of ice to entice people into your hideaway.


Lastly, create a space for your guests to dance. Create a clear area separate from the pool, but close to the music, so people can dance into the night!



#2 Entertainment

Who doesn’t love inflatables? Forget rubber rings and dolphins. This year’s hot trends are about flamingos, avocados, watermelons and unicorns. Take your pool party to a new level this summer with the hottest inflatables from Flowts.


If your style is slightly more subtle, check out these inflatable cup holders from Primark. Choose from a doughnut or a flamingo, at only £1 they are the perfect accessory for your pool party.


A great playlist can make or break an amazing party. Make sure you have your playlist perfected and ready to go. Also ensure that your guests will be able to hear the music in all the areas you expect them to be.


It can’t be a great party without music, right? Don’t be afraid to mix up the music depending on how your guests are feeling, and what the atmosphere is like. After all, ensuring your guests are happy is the most important role of the host.



#3 Food and Drink

Having some cold and fresh drinks for your guests on arrival is a great way to make your guests feel welcome. Frose, Pimms, and Aperol Spritz are perfect drinks to kick off the pool party. Especially if your party starts in the afternoon, save the tequila for later! 


But remember to have some ice-cold beers ready for the boys in case they don’t fancy any frozen rose.

Soft drinks such as pink lemonade, iced tea, or fresh flavoured water are also worth preparing just in case some of your guests do not fancy alcoholic beverages.


Of course, you can’t call your event a pool party without some delicious summer food! Serve quick-and-easy food recipes such as Mediterranean salads, mezze boards, or a variety of salsas served with chips and vegetable sticks. Light and healthy food like these dishes are the perfect accompaniment to your party!


If you’re planning on your party going into the night, offer your guests a barbeque. If it is a hot British summer weekend, they go hand-in-hand don’t they? Then to cool off, why not offer your guests frozen mojito watermelon pops?



#4 Leave a lasting impression

Just because your party will inevitably have to end, it doesn’t mean it has to be over. Having you own snapchat filter or personalised Instagram frames for the party will mean your guests can post their experiences across social media. The following day you can experience your party all over again, but through the eyes of your guests.


These personalised social media props will not only ensure your party is spoken about throughout the summer, but it will mean you will have a large collection of memories to always look back on. Not just from your experience but your guests’ favourite parts too!


Still undecided on your pool party outfit? Get inspired with our latest collections from some of the hottest beachwear designers.


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