How To Save Money On Your Holiday
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How To Save Money On Your Holiday


The overall cost of holidays are increasing year on year, but wouldn’t it be great to go on holiday, not break your budget, and not sacrifice any luxuries or adventures? What if you could travel more than once a year? If you're looking to save a bit of extra money this year, here are some great ways to help you save and not break the budget on your next holiday:



#1 Be wise about flights

It’s easy to get over excited when planning a holiday, but booking flights without having a good look around can mean you spend more than is necessary. Look around the internet for discount codes, or check when the next sales are for various airlines. After spending some time researching flights you’ll find it can be easy to get a good deal.


Travelling during the early hours of the morning, and only taking hand luggage, are other great and cost-effective ways to keep the price of flying down. Yes it might mean a super early morning and you leave that extra bag of toiletries behind, but when you’re off on holiday does that really matter? Plus, depending on your destination, you could gain a full day to relax rather than travelling throughout your first day.



#2 Beat the extra baggage fees

If you're flying long haul or must take hold luggage, weighing your luggage before you leave the house is an easy way to avoid any nasty surprises at check out. The last thing you want is to be spending more on travel before you’re even through passport control.


But when that dreaded moment happens and you find your hold luggage is over your baggage limit, swap some items around from your hand luggage and add the heaviest item into your carry-on bag. Weighing your luggage at home also gives you an extra opportunity to divide the heaviest luggage between your family or friends so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your belongings and also avoid fees!



#3 Hotel sh-motel

Just because you are off on holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to a fancy-pants hotel with lots of extras. Alternative accommodation types like private rooms, renting from Air B&B, or villa complexes provide all the essentials for your holiday, and often with a beautiful view too!


While you’re on holiday, ensuring your accommodation is safe, has comfy beds and a clean shower is really all you need, you’ll be outdoors enjoying the sun or exploring for most of the time, right? However, most accommodation types can often include a pool, reception and security facilities so you can feel settled and safe throughout your stay. If these options still surpass your budget, try finding appropriate accommodation near a beach instead of booking accommodation with a pool included.


Searching for a room which includes a mini-kitchen can also help you cut down the cost of your overall spending budget. Even just purchasing breakfast food for the mornings or snacks for the afternoon will take the pinch off eating out a few times a day throughout your holiday.


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#4 Eat like a local

While you’re on holiday, the idea of cooking for yourself doesn’t always feel that appealing. However, it’s a fun way of getting the family together and making a day out of it. For instance, try catching your own fish or visiting the local markets and choosing local produce to prepare for dinner.


Eating like a local will not only make your holiday experience more authentic, but also allows you to fully immerse yourself into another culture. Don’t limit yourself to local cuisine either, forget about the mini bar and opt for local wines rather the imported collections. Local cuisine is often cheaper than key tourist restaurants which means you’ll have gained a new experience without breaking the bank!



#5 Be smart with your money

Just because you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, don’t give up your search for good deals. Check out public transportations links to keep taxi fares down and don’t forget to add on any student or elderly discounts to travel passes.


Forget about the souvenirs, tip carefully and be aware of your data roaming charges. All three of these tips can keep the overall cost down of your holiday, but the ways in which you can be smart with your money really are endless.



You may feel that some of these tips take away the excitement of being on holiday, but a change in perspective might just help making these money saving tips all the more effective. If your main priority is to save money these tips are helpful and no less convenient. Happy holiday and happy savings!


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