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Our Swimsuit Guide for Women with Big Thighs

If you’ve got larger thighs you don’t need to worry about what you are wearing by the pool or on the beach. There are lots of lovely swimsuits which look great on women with big thighs. Curves look great in swimwear and there are lots of cuts of swimsuits which will enhance and flatter your body type. We’ve put together this helpful blog post to steer you through shopping for your dream one-piece swimsuit when you have big thighs, so you can soon relax on your lounger in your swimwear, looking and feeling great.

Our Swimsuit Guide for Women with Big Thighs

The first thing to think about is whether you want to cover your thighs or not. Covering your thighs often is the default for those who do have larger thighs, but this can lead to drawing more attention to this area. If you are happy to embrace your body shape and leave your thighs uncovered, you can show off your gorgeousness by using a few clever styling tricks.

Wear The Right Size

The first thing to remember when buying swimwear is to wear the right size. It doesn’t matter what size the label says, the best option is to wear what feels the most comfortable size for your body. If your swimsuit is too tight it will make your thighs look bigger and it will be uncomfortable to wear your swimsuit all day. If you are wearing a swimming costume which is too big, it won’t drape your body properly and it will create a larger silhouette which won’t support you when you are swimming. Always take a look at the size guide for the swimsuit you are considering buying and buy the size closest to your measurements.

Plunging Necklines

Swimsuits with plunging necklines are a great idea for those who wish to draw attention away from the lower half of their body and towards their upper body. A perfect example of a swimsuit with a plunging neckline is this stunning Floreale Plunge Swimsuit from Jets. The gathered panels with ring trim at the front are also a great feature to draw the eye to the middle and away from the thigh area. The design of this swimsuit is very striking but yet not too ostentatious.

Swimsuit Guide for Women with Big Thighs

If you don’t want a bold print but still like the idea of a supportive swimsuit with a plunging neckline, why not take a look at the khaki-coloured Essentials Longline Swimsuit from Sea Level Australia? Solid colours are also a very flattering swimwear option. You can choose whether you use the optional removable cups for added support and shape. This swimsuit is also fitted with power mesh to help support you for a secure fit whilst swimming or doing watersports. You’ll also be pleased to know that this swimsuit is made predominantly from recycled nylon, so not only will you look good, you can feel great too.

Swimsuits for Women with Big Thighs 

High Leg Swimsuits

One great way of slimming down thick thighs is to wear a high-leg swimsuit. This will make your legs look longer and will give the illusion of slimmer legs. You’ll also find the fit of a high-leg swimsuit very comfortable as it will sit higher on the hips rather than cutting into the thigh area. We have some great styles of high-leg swimsuits which you can add to your holiday wardrobe.

The first of our recommended high-leg swimsuits is the Essentials High Leg Bandeau Swimsuit from Sea Level Australia. It’s a simple but highly flattering straight-neck bandeau swimsuit. If you wish, you can add the optional straps for a more supportive fit. This swimsuit is not only classic in terms of cut, colour and shape, but it will give you the high-leg style you are looking for.

Swimsuits for Women with Large Thighs

If you prefer your swimwear a little brighter but are still looking for a high-leg style, then take a closer look at the Sienna Scoop Neck Swimsuit from Seafolly. This tank-style swimsuit has a super flattering high-leg cut. The convertible straps can be worn in different ways which gives this swimsuit several different looks – perfect for a multi-day break.

Swimsuit Guide for Women with Big Thighs

One Shoulder Swimsuits

 Picking a swimsuit which has a one-shoulder design is a great way of balancing out larger thighs. One-shoulder swimsuits are one of the latest trends and you can find a whole range of one-shoulder swimsuits in our post dedicated to them. But here are two of our favourite one-shoulder swimsuits for you to look at now.

The popular Titania Jena Swimsuit from Miraclesuit is a perfect example of a one-shoulder swimsuit which is ideal for those who are looking for swimwear to suit big thighs. This style of swimsuit is popular for women who need a bit of body confidence all over as it’s made using Miratex fabric. This type of swimwear fabric provides all-over body control whilst also shaping and slimming your body to create an amazing silhouette. Combine this shimmery design with the one-shoulder detail and it’s a no-brainer.

Swimwear for women with big thighs

If you like the idea of a one-shoulder swimsuit but feel you need a bit more support up top, then why not take a look at the Optimist Ruffle Shoulder Swimsuit from Maryan Mehlhorn? This beautiful hand-painted tropical pineapple printed suit comes in B and C cup sizes and has a ruffle detail on one shoulder and a skinny strap on the other. Adding in that it has a tie-back, it offers more support for large busts than other one-shoulder swimwear styles.

 Swimwear for women with large thighs

Wrap Swimsuits

A wrap swimsuit is a very clever styling tip for those who want to draw attention away from their thighs. A wrap swimsuit is the best way to create a beautiful hourglass figure, where the attention will be on your waist rather than anywhere else on your body. A well-fitting wrap swimsuit will look really chic too. We’ve got a great selection of wrap swimsuits, which are perfect for curvy women, for you to choose from, but here are two of our favourites.

The wrap front on this Palm Wrap Front Swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer is fixed with a superb ring detail to one side. As this swimsuit also had tummy control, your hourglass shape will be even more mesmerising in this colourful swimsuit. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect fit as this swimsuit is suitable for those who wear a C, D and E bra size. Choose from a UK size 12 to 18.

Swimwear for ladies with big thighs

If your taste is for something a little bit simpler, then this California Girl Belted Wrap Swimsuit from Profile by Gottex is just the ticket. It still has an adorable wrap feature with a white-edge contrast belt to the front. The wide shoulder straps will also draw the eyes upwards, so this is a good choice if you are looking for a wrap swimsuit to counterbalance larger thighs.

Swimwear for ladies with large thighs

Bandeau Swimsuits

A bandeau or strapless swimsuit is a really good option for women with bigger thighs. Bandeau swimwear is very stylish and will accentuate the top half of your body. Whether you have a large chest or smaller boobs, you’ll be able to find a strapless swimsuit that you’ll feel comfortable in.

This chic Sail to Sunsets Bandeau Swimsuit from Gottex is perfect for those who are looking for a classic navy and strapless swimsuit. The piping at the neck combined with the pretty white button details will look great on the body whilst you are lounging by the pool. If you feel you need a bit more support up top, you can add on the optional adjustable straps. This swimsuit also features tummy control, so it will help you feel your best whilst on your summer holiday.  

Swimsuits for ladies with big thighs 

There are so many great features to the Portofino Bandeau Swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer that those with large thighs will love. The straight bandeau style neckline with contrasting detail is a wonderful feature which draws attention upwards. The playful vertical stripes are an additional flattering feature, which when coupled with underwired cups, optional adjustable straps and tummy control make for a powerful swimsuit for those who want to go strapless but perhaps need a bit more support and confidence.

Swimsuits for ladies with large thighs 

Top Detailing

For those who are looking for the best swimsuits for big thighs, you can’t go wrong if you choose a style which has some form of detailing at the top. Keep it simple on the bottom half, but choose swimwear that has something special on the top half and you’ll feel great when you wear it. We have lots of wonderful swimsuits which have extra special details on the top half, whether that’s mesh, beading, ties, cutouts or embellishments, we’ve got the swimsuit with the detail that you’ll adore.

The first of our handpicked top detail swimsuits is this Heroines Underwired Swimsuit from Maryan Mehlhorn. The iligree gold-coloured metal clasp detailing at the front is a real showstopper. The quality of this swimsuit must be worn to be fully appreciated. It is made from a new Italian figure sculpting fabric which helps to emphasize the wearer’s slim tummy area and shapely hips. Couple that with an underwired design and you are really on to a winning suit. Dark colours are also considered to offer a slimming effect to beach-goers.

Swimsuits for women with big thighs

There’s nothing more striking than a swimsuit with a cutout. If the cutout is well-placed, any attention that might have been on your hips will be displaced to the stunning cut-out design you are wearing. Take the Terrasun Fentana Swimsuit in Dark Rose from Banana Moon. From one side it looks like a two-piece swimsuit, from the other side it looks like a one-piece swimsuit. It’s really effective and a wow piece to wear. The high-cut legs make even the chunkiest of hips appear slimmer and legs longer. If this style of cut-out swimsuit isn’t quite what you are looking for, we have plenty of options for cut-out swimsuits in this post. Head over to see if there’s another one which takes your breath away.

Swimsuits for women with large thighs

We hope this post has inspired you to embrace your curves and not hide away in oversized or loose fit swimwear this summer. Whether you want to flaunt your ample thighs or draw attention away from them, we have plenty of swimsuits to choose from. If you are looking for bikinis which suit larger thighs, we'll cover this fully in another blog post. But in the meantime, why not head over and take a look at our high-waisted bottoms as these will create curves in all the right places. High waist bikinis are a great option for a full coverage bottom which offers tummy support. Another great bikini option to look at is tie-sided bottoms. Tie-sided bikini bottoms are an excellent choice for those who require larger leg holes or who have wider hips. These are the truly adjustable style piece to add to your collection.

If you still aren’t sure which style will suit you, why not head over to our blog and take a look at some of our other blog posts which have plenty of styling tips for everyone? We are always showcasing new swimsuits and bikinis and we’d love for you to find the perfect pieces for your holiday wardrobe.

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