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Petite Swimwear Styles

Petite Swimwear Styles

Buying petite swimwear can be a challenge if you are looking in the high street. They tend to cater for the masses and the choice is quite limited. If you are looking for a petite swimsuit or petite bikini, you’ve come to the right place. Our helpful blog post will guide you through the pitfalls of choosing swimwear to suit your body and make you feel even more fabulous on the beach or by the pool.

The first thing to remember when buying a petite swimming costume is that you don’t have to go for a specialist petite fit. There are lots of styles out there that will be perfectly suitable for a shorter body.


Petite Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits can be the trickiest for shorter bodies to find. If you want a style that will elongate your legs, go for something with a high cut leg line. This will make your legs look longer when you wear it.

The trick with shorter torsos is to look for styles that may have adjustable straps or tie elements to them. That way you can adjust them to suit your body without having to worry about loose, annoying straps. The Jungle one-piece swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer is a great choice for those wanting adjustable straps.


Petite Swimsuits

If you are looking for a petite swimming costume style which will make your torso look longer, why not try a swimsuit with detailing at the waist or even a cutout element like this Leaf Texture Halter swimsuit from Profile by Gottex. This will give you the illusion that your body is longer than it looks.


Petite Swimming Costume

Petite Bikinis

Bikinis are much easier to wear if you are more on the petite side. Most styles will suit shorter women, but there are a few styles that will really suit and there are a few which might be a bit more of a no-no.

If you are looking for something high-waisted as a petite bikini, you’ll want to choose a style that doesn’t come up too high. Just around the belly button is probably best, otherwise your bikini top and bottom won’t have much of a gap between them and it may make you look shorter.

Fold over bikini bottoms are great as you can wear them as high or low as you like, giving the illusion that your torso is longer than it is. The Jo Severin Anna Fold Bikini Bottom is a great choice. You should also consider hipster or tie sided bikinis as these will give a great fit to a petite woman.


Petite Bikinis

When you are looking at petite bikini tops, there really isn’t any restrictions on what you should feel comfortable in, but if you want the perfect fit, try a triangle or a halter bikini where the straps are tied and then you can adjust them for your perfect fit. The Banana Moon Coast Damo Bikini Top should offer a brilliant fit. Both high neck bikinis and also strapless bikinis with the right bikini bottoms can be well suited to a more petite frame.


Petite Bikinis

Petite Beachwear

There are lots of different styles of beachwear out there and some will be more suited to petite bodies. So make sure you pick the style of petite beachwear that you will feel most comfortable in. Kaftans come in several lengths, so if you don’t want a long style, pick one that comes in a shorter length. The White Nights Metallic gold tunic from Maryan Mehlhorn is ideal for shorter women. Sarongs are also great as you can tie these however you like to suit your body shape. 


Petite Beachwear

Playsuits are a great option when you are considering petite beachwear. The all in one style shows off your legs and makes them look longer, so you appear taller. Many playsuits also have adjustable waistbands, so you can tie them to suit where your waist sits.

Beach dresses often also come with adjustable waist ties, so you’ll easily find a petite beach dress that will look stunning on.

If you are buying petite swimsuits or petite bikinis, you might want to try a few styles on to see what you feel more comfortable and fabulous in. But remember, you should always wear what you feel wonderful in. Your style is your own.

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