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Seafolly in Bloom

1.Hat 2. Top 3. Towel 4. Sunglasses 5. Flip Flops 6. Beach Bag 7. Bikini Top 8. Bikini Bottoms 9. Cover-up Tee



Super excited to be sharing this collection on our blog, the Seafolly Kabuki Bloom* range is just another Seafolly success story. Always bringing us beautiful prints that are fresh, vibrant and have that 'must have' vibe. This range is also available in blue shades and is as equally stunning. *some of the pieces shown are not Kabuki Bloom but are a part of Seafolly's range for this year.

 Did you know that Seafolly targets new markets? Learn more in our blog - Swimwear brand Seafolly targets UK.

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