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Simply Beach Travel : Moroccan Delights

Morocco has a lot to offer, with mountain scenery, beaches, ancient medinas and the famous markets. This fascinating part of the world has attractions to cater to a variety of interests. No trip to Morocco would be complete without a visit to the markets and souks. Some of the large cities in Morocco, such as Marrakech, have numerous souks, with areas dedicated to particular crafts. If you are not staying in one of the main cities you should still be able to find a souk, as various villages throughout the countryside hold weekly souks. When you arrive at the souk, you may be greeted with the aroma of exotic spices. The markets are an excellent place to buy the local food, as well as jewellery, clothing and various craft items. Don’t be afraid to barter, as this is expected. You may feel uncomfortable doing this at first, but it becomes easier with practice. Even if you don’t plan on making any purchases, it is still worth visiting a souk for the cultural experience. iStock_000002154212Small If you need a break from the hustle and bustle, the Moroccan beaches will provide you with an opportunity to relax and unwind in some gorgeous swimwear. Agadir is a popular Moroccan beach, located in a sheltered bay which is ideal for swimming. You can also take part in some water sports, or simply relax on the pristine beach. Agadir boasts around three hundred days of sunshine per year, but the heat doesn’t tend to get too uncomfortable. A visit to the National Park of Al-Hoceima is very worthwhile for anyone who loves nature. The rocky canyons are stunning, and the forest provides a home for rare bird and reptile species. There are three bird hides in the park, so you can spend time patiently waiting to be rewarded with the sight of an exotic bird. The park is a wonderful location for hiking or taking a bike ride. If you have the time, a visit to one of the isolated beaches is highly recommended. You may be lucky enough to see some dolphins! iStock_000004417660Large copyedit While you are in Morocco, you should try and take an excursion to one of the medinas. Medina is the name given to the ancient parts of African cities. The medina at Fes-al-Bali is typical of a Moroccan medina, with numerous historic buildings and high walls surrounding the city. When you are exploring Fes-al-Bali, you may feel like you are lost in a maze. The city has a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, many of which are hung with colourful textiles. There is a variety of smells, ranging from bad to good. It is a good idea to take a guide when visiting a medina, as you could easily get lost! Dining out in Morocco can be an incredible experience. Moroccan cuisine is rich in flavour, with numerous spices used. There are establishments to suit all budgets, ranging from food stalls to high class restaurants. For an authentic dining experience, you can go to one of the food markets, such as Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech. This is an informal dining experience, so once you have bought your food you will need to find a bench to squeeze onto. If this option isn’t for you, there are plenty of restaurants that offer more formal dining. When it comes to choosing accommodation in Morocco, there is no shortage of options. Budget accommodation is available in the form of youth hostels, or you can stay in a luxury hotel. There are also many campsites in Morocco, which may be more suited to those who would rather be in the wilderness than near a city. A trip to Morocco will be a unique experience. The variety of activities available means that you can tailor your holiday to suit your own tastes, which should provide an incredible and memorable trip. iStock_000010892279Largeedit

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