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Summer Flat Tummy Tips

When jetting off on holiday most of us want to hit the beach in our best shape so that we feel confident and comfortable in our swimwear. Top of many women's list is getting that flatter tummy and beating the dreaded belly bloat in the run up to their holidays. So we have put together a few of our top tips of what to eat and what to do to get that flatter tummy to help you ooze confidence in the sun!




1. Swap those teas and coffees for something a little more green

Green tea has been shown to help flush out toxins in the body and aid the reduction of water retention that can bloat out your stomach. It also helps to increase your metabolism so that you can burn fat that little bit quicker.



2. Go herbal

If green tea isn't quite your thing then why not go for peppermint, ginger or camomile tea. Each of these are also great for aiding digestion and reducing bloating. A couple of cups of these types of tea each day can make a difference.



3. Cut down on carbs

While most of us love a good pizza or bowl of pasta, cutting down on your processed, refined carbohydrate intake can be great for your stomach. Choose more complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats and leafy greens that contain more fibre.



4. Choose healthy fats

Saturated fats aren't very good for you so it's usually best to try and avoid foods that contain a lot of them. This can include fast foods, baked goods, cheese and more. Try to eat healthier unsaturated fats found in things like avocado and nuts. Snacking on almonds could be a great swap for a chocolate bar as they contain high amounts of fibre to keep that hunger at bay.



5. Probiotics

Swap that morning toast for natural live yoghurt. The bacteria will help with your digestion which reduces stomach bloating.



6. Pack in the proteins

It takes more energy for the body to break down proteins than carbs and fat so tuck in to some grilled chicken tonight to get your fix of protein rich food.



7. Get hydrated

We all need water for our bodies to function at their best. Regularly drinking water, along with eating fibre-rich foods helps to move food through the body so aids your digestion. Also sometimes we snack because we are dehydrated so before you tuck into a little snack, have a glass of water to see if that's what your body is really craving.



8. Go for a wholly better option

Whole grains such as quinoa, whole wheat, brown rice and whole oats are great for boosting that metabolism and helping you burn fat quicker.



9. Step away from the gum

So many of us refresh our breath using some trusty chewing gum, but all that chewing can lead to swallowing a lot of air. All that air in your stomach isn't going to help with the bloat so try mints or brushing your teeth during the day for that fresh breath fix.



10. Work it out

It's a pretty obvious one but exercise is always going to be key to getting a flatter stomach. Make sure you incorporate regular exercise into your life to be the healthiest you can be. If you want to go for a lean and toned tummy look then yoga or pilates could be a great form of exercise for you to explore.  


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We hope these tips have helped you to take care of your body a little better if you want to tone up for your next exciting getaway. Now show off that body in some new swimwear by checking out all the latest arrivals at!


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