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Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are an absolute must when hitting the beach or the pool to protect your eyes from the Sun's harmful rays, and to look uber-chic too of course. Sometimes we can't always find the perfect pair to suit us, so the ideal way is to shop according to your face shape. Different frames suit different face shapes so we have put together this handy post to help you pick the best style sunglasses for you this season!



Firstly we have round face shapes, this shape is for those that have faces just about equal in width to length and do not have any pronounced jaw corners. One of the best types of sunglasses for round faces are oversized shades, so go big and bold! A couple of our favourites are the Seafolly Loango Sunglasses if you like sleek black sunnies or the Seafolly Kendwa Sunglasses if tortoiseshell is more your thing.







Oval face shapes do not have any pronounced jawline or hairline features, and the overall width is around 1/3 less than the length of the face. Aviator shades are the perfect pairing for an oval face shape with their thin frames and rounded triangular shape. Seafolly have a couple of gorgeous Aviator styles, either the subtle Gold Belle Mare or the eye-catching Rose Gold Belle Mare with Mirrored Purple Lenses are definitely great options. 







If you have a square face shape then your hairline and jaw widths will be relatively the same. Round sunglasses are the best choice to complement this face shape. These retro cool Seafolly Mauritius Sunglasses are an absolute fave of everyone at Simply Beach.






And finally we have the heart face shape. True heart shapes have a widow's peak hairline, a slightly wider cheek area than hairline and a slightly pointed chin. The ideal accompaniment for heart shapes are cat-eye styles, the Seafolly Seychelles frame in Tortoiseshell and Black fit the bill perfectly for this. Which one will you choose? Or why not get both!








Happy Seafolly sunglasses shopping! We also have more styles available at Simply Beach if you would like to browse our full range which you can find >here<!


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