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Swimwear Colours To Compliment Dark Skin Tones

Just as there is a variety of skin tones, there’s a huge variety of dark complexions too. This can mean shopping for swimwear feels intimidating, since each complexion will also have different undertones, and different shades will flatter each undertone. We’re here to help, if you have Asian, African, Indian, Mediterranean or any other dark skin tone follow this guide to find out how to make your natural skin tone glow on your next holiday.


Feeling yourself and feeling comfortable in your swimwear is an important part of your holiday, this advice is simply guidance on which colour palettes naturally compliment and flatter your skin tone. If you feel good in one particular colour, no one should stop you from wearing that shade!


One thing to remember is how dark eye colours and dark hair colours work together with your skin tone to influence your overall appearance. If you have a dark complexion, dark coloured eyes and dark coloured hair keep reading to see how to highlight your natural glow.




Dark skin and warm colours

Warm colours are the perfect companion for dark skin tones, which have yellow undertones, as they highlight your natural glow and enhance your complexion. Look out for deep reds and oranges for example. Warm shades of cool colours such as honey shades of yellow and olive shades of green will also compliment your skin tone. However, if you’re looking to wear colours which naturally compliment your complexion try to avoid cool colours such as yellows and silvers as they can be too overpowering on yellow under-toned skin tones.




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Dark skin tones and cool colours

If your skin tone originates from India or the Mediterranean heritage, and your complexion is slightly lighter than other dark skin tones, you may have cool undertones. If this is the case warm colours, such as browns and oranges will overshadow your complexion so your skin looks washed out. To achieve a highlighted natural glow, check out different shades of greys, greens, blue and purples. Since everybody has a different skin tone and complexion you may find a different shade will suit you better than a shade somebody else is wearing. It is all about trial and error. After all, you are unique so find the right cool shade for you!




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Dark skin and neutral colours

If you have a dark skin tone you have lots of flexibility to try out different colour combinations. If you feel like one cool shade is too harsh for your complexion try combining it with a neutral colour. Blacks, whites, khakis, greys and beiges all fall under the neutral category. As everyone has a different undertone, you’ll find some neutrals flatter you more than others. For instance, anyone with a medium skin tone with a yellow undertone may find that shades of beige wash them out, but khaki shades compliment their skin. See how different neutral colours work for your undertone!




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General do’s and don’ts

There are a few colours which compliment every complexion due to their perfect balance between hot and cool tones, such as purple. However, it’s important to know which shade of purple will compliment you and not wash you out. For instance, deep aubergine shades of purple flatter dark skin tones much more than pastel lavender shades.


It’s all about understanding which shades of cool and warm colours perfectly balance your natural glow. The more time you spend understanding how your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour come together to influence your overall appearance the greater your understanding of which shades to wear will be!


Don’t forget to mix and match cool or warm tones with neutral tones. Just because a certain shade may not flatter your complexion it doesn’t mean you can never wear it. Instead, add it to a neutral based outfit and accessorise with a cool colour. So for instance, opt for swimwear which has a neutral or warm coloured base which naturally flatters your complexion. Then add cool tones as layers through patterns or embellishments.


Swimwear is designed to showcase your figure, and highlight your skin tone, so you feel your best on holiday. The most important thing to remember is whichever swimwear piece you decide is right for you, ensure it makes you feel glamorous and confident on your holiday.





Now you know which colours best compliment your skin tone, start considering patterns and accessories so you’ll be looking and feeling your best on your next holiday! Or if you think you want to know more about what colours complement fair skin tone, check out this guide.


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