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Top Fake Tan Tips

Autumn is well and truly here, and there's not much chance of catching a tan in the UK any time soon. So it's about time to roll out the fake tan if you want to keep that bronzed glow over the next few months! In case you're new to fake tanning, we've compiled our top tips to ensure you get that streak-free, golden tan right in the comfort of your own home...





Before you start anything you need to make sure that you've exfoliated your whole body and buffed away those dead skin cells. Fake tan will cling to any dry patches and look streaky and clumpy so you need to have smooth skin to start off.



To further avoid any problems with dry skin areas, moisturise your body the day before you plan to apply your fake tan. But be sure to use an oil-free moisturiser as oils will break down the fake tan so you won't end up with an even coverage or it will fade much quicker.


Do All Other Prep First

If you're wanting to wax, shave, get your nails done or any other beauty treatments then do these before you apply fake tan. If you do it afterwards it will remove the colour of your fake tan, and we don't want all that hard work to go to waste!



To avoid those dodgy telltale tan lines on your face and hands, dot some vaseline around your eyebrows, hairline and cuticles before applying the fake tan. This will stop the tan from sticking to these areas.


Dry Off

Don't jump out of the shower and put fake tan on while your skin is still wet, this will cause awful streaks. Wait until your body is free of any type of water droplets.


Which Tan Formula

Before you start, decide what type of fake tan you want to use. If you're a complete novice at it then there are some great wash off tans on the market, so if it goes completely wrong, you can jump in the shower and get rid of it immediately. These formulas are also great if you just need a quick fix for an event or a night out. If you're not worried about the outcome or know what you're doing then go ahead and use the tans that take a while to develop but give you longer lasting results.


Wear A Mitt

The cardinal sin of fake tanning is probably the dreaded orange hands, so always be sure to use a tanning mitt or latex glove to apply the tan. No one wants to give the game away with tango-ed palms now do they.


Backs of Hands

When applying tan to the backs of your hands and feet, don't add any excess product, just use whatever is left on the mitt to give a more natural subtle effect. Hands are one of the easiest places where people can tell if your tan is fake, so make sure you go for a natural look.


Oil Free & Gradual

To maintain that tan as long as possible before re-application, remember to use oil-free moisturiser to keep your skin soft and moisturised. It can also be a great idea to top it up a bit after a few days with some gradual tanner, this gives you even longer until you need to reapply.  



Have you got any other top tips you would recommend? We'd love to hear them!


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