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Top Travel Tips For Your Beach Getaway



As you would expect, the Simply Beach team love going on holiday, and over the years we've picked up a few key tips we use when booking, packing and travelling to our next destination. And not ones to keep it to ourselves, we want to share with you our team's top advice for your next trip overseas.  



Book And Fly Mid-Week

The cheapest time to book and fly is usually mid-week, so keep an eye on prices fluctuating to find the best price for your holiday. Or if you want to tailor it exactly to your needs and prices then try using a flight search website such as Kayak or Skyscanner. They can show you different flights from a whole range of airlines compared to one another so you can find the flights you want at the price you need.  



Pack With A Plan

With the pesky weight restrictions on luggage, we can't take away every outfit in our wardrobe when we go on holiday so it's time to streamline. Either write a list of outfits/bikinis for each day you will be away, or choose a few key items that can be mix and matched with different things to give a whole different outfit. It might be hard to narrow down but aimlessly throwing clothes into the case might mean you have to pay for extra weight or you can't take advantage of bringing a little holiday shopping home!  



Keep Copies

In case the worst ever happened and you lost your passport/insurance documents/contact information/cards, make sure to take a copy things you might need to get home or get help. If you have a copy of your passport you have a much better chance of proving your identity, or if you have contact numbers handy you can always get in touch with family or friends or your bank for access to your money. Either photocopy the information or take photos on your phone/camera.  



Utilise Your Hand Luggage

Your hand luggage in the cabin is a great place to stash a few essentials such as your toothbrush and electrical chargers, and spares such as extra underwear, swimwear and a top or two. This means that if your bag is lost, you have a few key things to tide you over until your bag is returned to you. No one wants to be stranded at the beach on the first day of their holiday without a bikini!  



Always Take A Sarong or Scarf

There's no end to the uses of a sarong or scarf when on holiday so be sure to add one to your case. Cover your shoulders in the sun, wear it as a headscarf, pop it on as a beach cover up, use it to keep you warm in the evenings, have it as a makeshift towel or fold it up to use as a pillow on the plane. There are so many ways to use this one lightweight piece that we don't go anywhere without one!  



Money Matters

If you want to avoid those foreign charges, take out a credit card or account that doesn't charge foreign fees. Then you won't arrive home to a host of unexpected costs! Also it can be a good idea to inform your bank of your travel plans if you plan to use your cards abroad so that you don't have any problems with declined transactions.  



Keep An Open Mind

When you get to your destination, always be open to new things. Whether that be new foods or experiences, try to go outside your comfort zone and see the destination like a local or go on a trip you wouldn't normally do. You will get so much more out of the holiday if you try something new and experience a different culture.    



What are your top travel tips?