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Ultimate Figure Fixers

Open any fashion magazine at this time of the year and you'll see article after article about how to get your body 'bikini ready' for the beach this summer. That's all very well and good, but what if, despite your best intentions, you're off on your summer break in a matter of days and there's just no chance of losing the pounds? Don't panic! That's where life saving, figure fixing swimwear comes in! We've compiled this list of our top figure fixers (in no particular order, they're all fab!) based on what our staff and customers have reported back. These are the swimsuits that hold everything in just the right place and do wonders for your confidence on the beach.   This Seafolly Portofino Retro Maillot gives you the dream combination of excellent coverage and high fashion. A winning mix.   The Red or Dead Dora One Piece Swimsuit  has a cute retro floral print, which, along with the cut, manages to distract from a multitude of sins!   Next up the Seafolly Goddess Bustier Maillot. The cut of this swimsuit is inspired. Not only does it lift your bust, but the gathering at each side gives a great hourglass shape.   Figure fixers don't have to be frumpy, as this Panache Ava Plunge Swimsuit demonstrates beautifully. Immensely flattering and uplifting.   They're not called Miraclesuit for nothing! This Miraclesuit Hanging Garden Sideswipe Swimsuit has a hidden underwire to the bust and is cut to accentuate your best features, creating a feminine silhouette. Gorgeous print too.
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