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Ursula still holds the top sexiest swimwear moment

The James Bond bikini scene with Ursula Andress is still Britain's sexiest swimsuit moment. Just two years until its fiftieth anniversary, the Swiss actress who is now 74, set hearts racing when she emerged from the sea wearing the iconic which bikini in the 1962 Bond film, Dr No. Her swimsuit still remains a massive hit, heading a new poll of the top ten swimsuit moments of all time. Coming in at second was Raquel Welch in a fur bikini from One Million Years BC. The gold swimsuit Bo Derek wore in the movie 10 took third the in the nationwide survey of 2060 men and women. In fourth place was Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett with the red swimsuit which was made famous in a glossy poster. Halle Berry in her orange bikini came in at fifth in the Bond film, Die Another Day where the scene recreated Ursula's Dr No appearance. Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, Myleene Klass and Dame Helen Mirren wearing a holiday bikini completed the top ten sexiest swimwear moments.

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