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What do families want from a holiday?

A survey has revealed that swimming pools and water activities are the most important factor for families choosing a holiday resort. Next up are spacious and potentially adjoining guest rooms, reports the research entitled Resort Travel Trends: What Families Want. The study, carried out by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, looked at a host of top holiday destinations along with the needs and preferences of parents and kids when it comes to family holidays. It seems there is a rise in the take up of all-inclusive holiday and beach resorts, with 95 per cent of UK parents and 92 per cent of US parents polling at least "somewhat interested" in these styles of holidays. A spokesperson said: "This new research offers a timely perspective on what today's families seek in resort holidays. Of particular note, is the considerations of pools and food for everyone.”

Closer look at the holiday survey

•           Pools and water activities are the top vote for parents and kids when booking a family holiday. •           Also important are spacious (and potentially adjoining) guest rooms •           Then comes a choice of  and dining options. •           Kids' clubs are highly valued •           Parents are looking for me-time, too, so kids’ clubs help to serve this desire. •           The top destinations for UK parents are Orlando, with Disneyland Paris, Italy, Mallorca and Dubai as runners up •           More people are choosing all-inclusive resorts •           Mum acts as the family travel agent. She is the most likely to do the researching of travel options and seeking advice from trusted sources. •           While parents want to simply relax and create fond memories while holidaying, kids are most interested in fun pools and good food.  
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