What To Expect On Your First Bikini Wax
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What To Expect On Your First Bikini Wax

Everyone loves the summer months and the chance to wear a favourite bikini. But how do you manage embarrassing and unruly bikini hair? The best way to manage hair 'down there' is to bite the bullet and have a bikini wax. If you've never had a bikini wax then the thought may seem a little scary, but there really is nothing to be worried about. What you need to do is prepare yourself for it.


Below we share with you some top tips for preparing you for a bikini wax, so that you can wear that bikini with confidence...  



Before You Begin

If you're having your first ever bikini wax, then it is recommended that you take some painkillers an hour before. This will help to take the edge off it.

You should also have clean skin.

Be sure to book your wax treatment when you're not having your period, as this is when your skin is at its most sensitive.

Do not shave before you wax, as the wax actually needs something to hang onto. It is actually advised that you refrain from waxing for at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to your appointment. The longer the hair is, the easier it will be to remove with the wax. Hair length should ideally be around a quarter of an inch.

It may also seem like a good idea, but under no circumstances should you drink alcohol. This is because it will close your pores, making hair removal more difficult.  



The Waxing Process

Firstly we'll just explain the different types of waxing that is available.

The Strip Wax is hot wax and is the most popular method for the bikini area. The wax is applied usually with some type of spatula, then a strip of fabric is placed onto the wax before being pulled away, removing the hair. However this method can leave your skin feeling particularly sore and red.

The Hard Wax method is also applied when hot, but is allowed to cool quickly before being removed. This is removed without the use of a fabric strip.

When it comes to the types of wax, there are a few you can go for. The Brazilian Wax is when all of your hair apart from a small 'landing strip' is removed, even from your buttocks, and as many in the trade say, you will need to adopt the 'Butterfly' position, similar to that of when you are having a smear, for the waxing process. The Hollywood Wax is where every bit of hair is removed.

If you want to leave a little bit more going on down there, opt for the Bikini Wax. This traditionally just removes hair around the panty line and leaves you with a triangle shape.

The main point to remember when having a bikini wax is that your beautician will have seen it all before, so you should not feel embarrassed. If you're a little self conscious, then many will allow you to wear a skirt to protect your modesty.  



After The Wax

Many beauty therapists voice that it is best to wear loose clothing after the wax, as well as applying unscented moisturiser to soothe any irritated skin. A cold compress can also help in the hours following treatment. It is also best to avoid the sun for at least 24 hours post waxing, as this is when the skin is at its most sensitive and can become easily irritated.  



In Between Treatments

Just remember that waxing the bikini area does get less painful the more that you have it done. This is because your pores will eventually get bigger and the bulb of hair will become smaller, making pulling the hair from the skin that much easier. It is also very important to remember not to shave between waxing sessions and to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.  




Hopefully these bikini waxing tips have answered some of your questions and you should feel more confident and prepared in having your first bikini wax. Have fun in the sun and enjoy wearing that fabulous bikini!



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