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Why You Should Visit Europe’s Hot Springs

So summer’s officially over, and the days are getting shorter and darker, but it doesn’t mean you have to put your bikini away. The mineral rich waters of Europe’s best hot springs are the perfect destinations for a weekend getaway this autumn.

Not only do they boast exceptional scenery but they’re best known for their therapeutic powers. Here’s 5 great benefits you can soak up while taking a trip to some of the best hot springs across Europe.



#1 Boosts circulation

Located in the centre of Budapest, the Szechenyi Bath, is one of the most popular thermal baths across Europe. Taking a dip in the warm waters of the hot spring spa baths will help to boost your blood circulation. As your skin soaks up the natural minerals in the water, your oxygen flow will increase. This increases your circulation, helping to keep your organs strong and healthy.



#2 Soothes skin

Mineral-rich water helps to relieve certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. According to dermatologists, the sulphur-rich waters interact with free radicals in the layers of the skin. This causes antibacterial activity to take place helping to soothe skin diseases. Bathing in a natural hot spring also increases the production of collagen which helps to tighten the elastin in the skin, leaving your skin feeling healthy, firm and youthful.


Indulge in these benefits at the thermal waters in Pamukkale, Turkey, or as their better known, the ‘Cotton Castle’. Stacked in small pools across a cliff-like landscape, these pools are incredibly picturesque. If you’re taking a trip to Turkey soon make sure you visit Pamukkale so you can bathe like the Roman’s did in the 36°C waters.



#3 Reduces stress

Just as a long bath helps to de-stress from your day, hot springs have the same effect. Visiting a thermal bath is the perfect way to unplug from your phone, immerse yourself in your natural surroundings and release the tension from your body.


Although the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland is actually man-made, it is one of the best known geothermal spas in the world, because of it’s beautiful Icelandic landscape and luxury spa experience. The famous white waters sit comfortably between 37°C and 40°C and is the perfect destination to destress, unwind and relax.



#4 Relieves pain

Visiting a hot spring is particularly beneficial if you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis. The mineral-rich waters, specifically springs with high amounts of Sodium, can ease the pain of arthritis symptoms. Plus, since the body is concentrating on the sudden heat of the pool, the sensitivity of the nervous system decreases allowing the heat to be a form of therapy.


Dona Beija Pool, located on the Azores in Portugal, is a natural thermal spring known best for its therapeutic benefits. Get ready to feel relaxed, and soak up all the wonderful natural healing benefits, when you immerse yourself in the 5 different Paradise Pools.



#5 Improves immune system

The healing and therapeutic benefits of Europe’s hot springs really are endless. The incredibly rich waters helps to clear common flu symptoms like nasal congestion or digestion problems. After indulging in a weekend away at a thermal spa resort, your immune system will be healthy and strong, boosting your body’s defences to fight off those winter colds and infections.


Terme di Saturnia located in Tuscany is one of Italy’s most luxurious thermal spa resorts. The natural thermal springs are replenished with mineral rich volcanic water multiple times a day. The spring waters are enriched with a high concentration of mineral salts and gases, making these thermal pools some of the purest in the world.




So don’t feel glum now that summer’s over, visiting any of these thermal spas will keep you revitalised, healthy and relaxed, so you’re ready to head into the festive Christmas season feeling at your best.

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