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Worlds First Printed Bikini

When fashion and technology meet the results are usually pretty crazy and wild. Creating items of clothing that are usually great for the catwalk but you would never consider wearing them in public. These printed bikinis from Continuum Fashion however are actually pretty awesome and not that far away from what women wear anyway. The N12 Bikini (called N12 because its printed on a material called Nylon 12  a waterproof Nylon) is the worlds first 3d printed bikini. There is no sewing required at all, the pieces are printed out in a couple of sections and then simply clipped together (the clips are printed also). The great idea behind these printed clothes is that they can be printed to any size and shape, so in theory, if you scanned yourself, or provided exact measurements they could print a bikini tailored to fit you exactly. At the moment its still very much a work in progress but the company behind it will be selling them later this year for around the $200 mark. Check out some images from the design process and video below: N12.bikini - Intro Video from Continuum Fashion on Vimeo.
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