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Reds Banana Moon Swimwear

2019 Beachwear Collection

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Banana Moon

Spring Praxa Banded Pant - Rose
£11.60 Regular price RRP £29.00

Banana Moon Teens

Beachbabe Belair One Piece - Red
£23.20 Regular price RRP £58.00

Banana Moon Teens

Beachbabe Skate High Neck Crop Top - Red
£12.40 Regular price RRP £31.00

Banana Moon

Wosbi Hapo Halter Top - Red
£15.60 Regular price RRP £52.00

Banana Moon swimwear was born in California and this is evident by the laid back beach vibe of their clothing, swimwear, bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear, which is a combination of West Coast surf style and French chic.

Our Simply Beach Banana Moon collection are so fresh and summery and you can just picture yourself hanging out on the beach in the Californian sun. Banana Moon swimwear is young and vivacious and the bikinis come in a great range of styles, from itsy bitsy to retro-inspired low leg pants. The women's colours are really feminine and there's something to suit so many tastes, from cute polka dot with contrast stripe, to pretty ditsy floral prints, to the all-time classic black and loads more besides.

The great thing about Banana moon swimwear is that there's so much choice, so whether you're into bright, vibrant swimwear or classic surf beachwear, there's something for you in this great collection. There is also a wide range of Banana Moon accessories to match their swimwear and clothing such as flip flops and beach bags.

The Simply Beach Banana Moon collection is a stunning mix of clothing and swimwear for the beach that are the perfect combination of high-end quality and high-fashion.