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Swimwear To Flatter Your Figure

We all want our swimwear to look great so that we can be body confident on the beach. But everyone has different proportions and body shapes so it can be difficult to find the right kind of swimwear to show off your figure. To help you feel your best we have put together a little guide to help you choose the best pieces to help you strut your stuff this summer with confidence!  





First up we have the hourglass figure. This body shape has fuller hips and bust, with a smaller waist. The best swimwear will support you and accentuate your curves.



A few of our top picks for the hourglass ladies out there...


L-R: Lepel London Tidal Wave High Waisted Bikini  |  Miraclesuit Spectra Trilogy Swimsuit  

Ted Baker Chatsworth Bloom Moulded Halter Bikini  |  Miradonna Mirachic Astrid Swimsuit





Athletic ladies are straight up and down with smaller busts. The best swimwear will enhance your curves and accentuate your hips and bust.



If you have an athletic frame these are perfect options...


L-R:  Ted Baker Peach Blossom Low V Twist Swimsuit  |  Banana Moon Corozal Ruffle Off Shoulder Bikini

Watercult Floral Camo Slide Tri Bikini  |  Sunseeker Rustic Craft High Neck Cut Out One Piece





An apple shaped frame is the widest around the waist. It's great to go for swimwear that creates more waist definition with shirring and wrap details.



These are a few of our favourites for apples...


L-R: Pour Moi Getaway Control Brief Bikini  |  Miraclesuit Mediterra Sanibel Swimsuit

Seaspray Just Colour Long Length Classic Draped Swimsuit  |  Sunseeker Tropical Rainbow High Waisted Bikini





Pear shaped bodies are wider around the hips and waist, with a smaller bust by proportion. Here you want to balance out your figure by accentuating your bust area.



Pear shapes will look great in any of these...


L-R:  Banana Moon White Maho Halter Bikini  |  Seafolly Royal Horizon Deep V Maillot

Miradonna Mirachic Aphrodite Swimsuit  |  Lepel Paradise Halter Longline Bikini





Finally we have strawberries. This is for women with large busts. If this is your shape then it's a great idea to look for swimwear with bra sizing and added support such as underwire and adjustable straps.



Strawberries will feel comfortable and supported in any of these...



L-R: Lepel Tropical Halter Bikini  |  Roidal Fidji Agata Soft Cup One Piece

Charmline Starfish Mariner Cross Front One Piece  |  Heidi Klein Polynesia D-G U Bar Bikini



We hope this has given you a few tips and tricks to help your find your perfect swimwear this season! Always remember to not just go with something because it's on trend, choose the swimwear that's best for your body shape!