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The Survey: Brits on Holiday

We’re loving this survey of British holidaymakers that reveals us as – in no particular order – flirty, celeb and work-obsessed, a little naughty and happy to admit to a petty theft. Here are some of the results: The secrets of trying to get a flight upgrade: ·         41% of holidaymakers admit to flirting with check-in staff in a bid to get a flight upgrade. ·         And 12%  confess they would even flirt with check-in staff of the same sex if it meant getting an upgrade. ·         34% have pretended to be on a honeymoon. Getting away with it at security: ·         Almost a third of travellers have breached airport security, with sharp objects or oversized liquids not being spotted in their hand luggage when going through security. Look what we packed: ·         22% of people admit to sneaking heavier items into their partner’s suitcase. ·         5% of adults are soppy enough to take their teddy bear on holiday. We can’t get enough of the celebrities: ·         68% of people have spotted a celeb whilst on their travels and 10% of Brits say they go over and introduce themselves. Two thirds will ask to photo with the celebrity. ·         Prince William and Kate Middleton are the golden couple with most people (35%) wanting to sit between them on a flight. Brits on holiday just can’t switch off: ·          60% check emails at least once a day while on holiday, with 20% confessing to checking emails more than that. ·         Depressingly, 6.5% check their emails between five and 10 times a day while on holiday. Who is arguing?: ·         The average number of arguments on holiday is 0.4 for honeymooners, 0.5 for stag/hen holidays, 0.7 for retired couples, 1.2 for married couples and 1.9 for family holidays. You’ve taken that?!: ·         Top hotel items to pilfer are toiletries, slippers, dressing gowns and even pillows and shower curtains. ·         Customers think it’s acceptable to take larger value items if the hotel service is poor, so hoteliers beware! Is there anything you would like to admit to while holidaying? * The survey was carried out by holidaysplease.co.uk
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