Top tips for holiday packing
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Top tips for holiday packing

According to research – as if we need researchers to tell us this! – only 16% of holidaymakers wear all that they have packed and a third of us do not use 25% of the stuff that we take away on holiday with us. Amazingly, it also takes us on average two to three days to pack too many items for our holidays!

Top tips for packing less for your holiday

Imagine the joy of carrying a lighter suitcase to the airport and the euphoria of having to wash so many less clothes on your return from the vacation. If you pack less it might take up a shorter amount of time, too! And there is an obvious environmental impact of packing too many clothes for your overseas holiday. The heavier the luggage the more fuel that planes need to use and so more anti-green your overloaded suitcase becomes. So why not follow a few top tips for packing less for your holiday? Check the weather: Do your research. Ask the hotel or travel company to find out about day and evening temperatures. Check the forecast the week before you travel, too. There is little point in taking jeans and big jumpers, as well as a rain jacket and umbrella, if the sun is going to shine all day and the evenings are going to be warm. This might seem obvious but think how many times you have let an unused fleece jacket in your suitcase for the entire holiday. Posh or not: If your plan is to chill out on the beach all day in bikini or swimming trunks and then add a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to your bod for an evening meal, there is absolutely no point in packing a posh frock and heels. Pack for the way you like to enjoy your holiday. Do check the dress-for-dinner guidelines of your hotel before you go, though. Feet first: Take stock of the shoes you’ll need. Research shows that more than 10% of holidaymakers pack five or more pairs of shoes. Surely you only need a pair for the beach, a pair for the evening and maybe an additional pair for a spot of sightseeing No need for a towel: Unless you’re sure you’ll be expected to bring your own towel don’t bother. Towels are heavy and bulky. If you arrive to find that the hotel hasn’t provided a towel you could easily buy a cheap one and leave it there when you go home. Super sarongs: A sarong is an amazingly versatile and lightweight garment. Use it for walking to the beach, covering up form the sun on a very hot day, as a bag, headscarf or beach towel. If meals are relaxed at your hotel you could turn a sarong into a dress. Perhaps you should be generous with your packing and add two of these flexible items to your suitcase! Toiletries tips: You’re on holiday so do you really need a full make-up bag, two types of deodorant, two toothbrushes, various toothpastes, hair spray, hair mousse, various versions of shampoos and conditioner, body lotion and body oil and three types of sun cream? No, of course you don’t. Plan your toiletries so that you take the minimum and if you can make use of smaller versions of your favourite products, all the better. Many supermarkets and chemists sell smaller versions of creams, gels, lotions and hair products that are perfect for a week’s holiday or two. Pack and pack again: Pack all that you think you’ll need, then unpack it all and repack with a strong mind. No-one needs two tops for every single day of their holiday. Just one pair of smart trousers will work for several evenings out. It’s rare that you’ll miss any clothing that you don’t pack. Just think how many times you have got to the end of a holiday to find you’ve only worn half the items!

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