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World's First Compostable Swimwear

Linda Loudermilk, the pioneering designer Elle magazine have dubbed “The Vivienne Westwood of Eco” unveiled the world's first compostable swimwear at the Haute Natured show at Miami Swim 2012. The sustainable swimwear is made from a plant starch that's been turned into fabric and is completely compostable, taking less than 180 days to break down under soil. It's not expensive and can be worn more than once. There were two swimsuits on show; one with a crossover top and the skimpiest bikini bottom with nude sides and the other a more modest bikini with boyleg bottoms and halter neck. The Haute Natured show also showed sustainable swimwear by Mae Couture, Meadow and Eco Swim, who designed environmentally friendly swimwear and beachwear using recycled materials. The idea of sustainable swimwear is certainly appealing, as designers have long faced major challenges in finding eco-friendly alternatives to lycra and spandex, which give modern day swimsuits their clingy stretch. We look forward to seeing what the visionary Luxury Eco™  designer will come up with in the future.
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