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Swimwear Trends Through The Ages

Although, it might not feel like it yet, summer is fast approaching. It’s almost time to ditch the layers of jumpers (phew) and prepare for the glistening sunshine. Start browsing for the next best holiday destination to treat yourself and your family. Yet, when it comes to planning your trip, picking the perfect swimwear is essential to give you the confidence you need to shine.


Swimwear is a holiday must-have. To keep your summer wardrobe fresh and stylish, updating your swimming costume to the latest trend can make it easier. But how do you choose? And where have these new swimwear trends we’re now so obsessed with derived from?


It wasn’t until the mid 19th century did women start wearing swimwear, when railroad systems improved and connections from cities to the coast became a lot easier. Individuals could now go swimming as a pass time.


Over the years, women’s swimwear has correlated with their position in society; the fashion of the time; and influenced by coveted celebrities. We take a look at how swimwear trends have changed over the past fifty years.


Swimwear Trends Through The Ages

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