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Explore the new stunning beachwear range from Sundress. Sundress was founded in 2014 by Estelle, who was driven by her passion and experiences of nature and travelling. Estelle launched her own brand Sundress to create elegant summer dresses inspired by her love of the outdoors.  Full-length dresses, short summer dresses, shimmering fabrics and bold embroidery floods the Sundress collection to create effortless chic feminine style. Deeply inspired by the Mediterranean culture, Sundress embodies bohemian feminine style into holiday beachwear looks.

An incredible mix of simplicity and natural tones provide beachwear looks that will take you from day to night. Some of these beautiful beach dresses have been designed with a shimmery thread running through the fabric to give a more opulent finish. This Sundress collection is certain to add some feminine luxury to your summer wardrobe.