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How To Plan A Thoughtful Mother’s Day At Home


Mother’s Day is just a few days away and you’re concerned that you won’t have any time to pick up the perfect gift. But there’s no need to stress.


All you need to worry about is getting up early Sunday morning and going over to see your Mum, because this foolproof thoughtful plan will ensure your Mum has a Mother’s Day she won’t ever forget.




Start with the perfect brunch

Celebrate your Mum by thanking her for all the early starts and late nights that she happily agreed to while you were growing up. Cast your mind back to the early morning training sessions or the late-night pick-ups from your teenage nights out and treat your Mum to a brunch fit for a queen.




Start the day by hitting your own Mom-osa bar, followed by your mum’s favourite breakfast. Go the extra mile by picking up her favourite bread, or organic fruit basket then finish with a sweet treat like a chocolate-cherry cinnamon roll! If your Mum favours savoury, how about trying something new with spinach and egg cups? Mix and match the tray with a variety of fillings, such as pepper, bacon, mushroom for a great and unusual breakfast treat. 





Give her a shock when you bring out the broom

Household chores are the tasks that never end. Even after we move out and into our own homes, there’s always chores to be done throughout the home. They are unexciting and mundane so what better way to treat your mum than making her a cup of tea, getting her settled on the sofa and ticking off all of her household chores.


Let her Mother’s Day last all week with a luxurious and relaxing chore-free week. We’re talking unstacking and reloading the dishwasher, running the hoover around the house without forgetting about the nooks and crannies. Perhaps you could even take the lead on the Sunday roast, so your Mum can fully unwind this Mother’s Day.




Then think all things beauty

Regardless if your Mum is a beauty fanatic or not, there’s no denying that spending a few hours with a hair mask on, or painting your nails always has the power to make you feel relaxed and revitalised.


So, light some candles, and dig out the beauty collections that you or your Mum have never had the opportunity to try. It’s a great way to catch-up and even have a look through old photo albums (cue the awful hair do’s).




Add a surprise with a family get together

Whether you’ve had a gathering planned for weeks, or it’s a last-minute rush because Mother’s Day may have slipped your mind. There’s no need to panic. If you’ve got family nearby see if they can pop in, even just for a cup of tea, throughout the day. A family visit is one of life’s best surprises, especially for a Mum!


If it really is too last minute, how about seeing if a neighbour or one of your Mum’s friends are around to pop in, or perhaps organise a surprise coffee date at a local café in town.


Unexpected gatherings are a great way to get everyone together and catch up. They are based on love and care, which is what Mother’s Day is all about. 




Enjoy the afternoon sun in the garden (hopefully)

Now it’s time to whack out the sun hat and the G&T’s, or perhaps a crisp yet chilled glass of wine. Fingers crossed we will be graced by a lovely Spring morning this Sunday where we can get outside and make the most of the garden.


The children can play outside and discover how your mum’s garden is transforming from winter to spring by watching nature and the wildlife around you.


Now that winter has passed there might even be some gardening to add to the to-do list, so gather the family and start planning the summer gardening. If your Mum is into gardening this is a great way to get her inspired and excited for things to come, plus you can set a date where the family can gather together and put the gardening plans into action!





Mother’s Day gestures don’t have to be extravagant and organised days, while arrangements like this are also wonderful, Mother’s Day is about making your Mum feel special and thanking her for everything she has done for you throughout the years. As long as you make her feel special, you’re on to a real winner, so have fun with it and enjoy Mother’s Day too.


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